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After call surveys by SMS and email, built for Aircall.

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Sync customer feedback between and Aircall.
Sync customer feedback between and Aircall.
PostCall's dashboard displays recent calls, number of survey responses, and ratings.

Send surveys to your customers after you speak in Aircall. Postcall is an app created specifically for Aircall customers to be able to send SMS and email surveys after a call.

Super flexible workflows

Get the control you need to customize all aspects of your post-call surveys.

Want to send survey for calls that have a specific tag? Or, only when a certain team member speaks to a customer? How about scheduling the survey to be sent an hour after a call? Or maybe you want to send the survey by email? Or SMS?

No problem - PostCall can handle a combination of triggers to collect feedback from your desired audience at just the right moment in time!

Get survey results when answering the phone

Your customer's feedback will stay synced between and Aircall. With easy access to a cusomer's recent ratings or comments, you'll empower your team to choose the right approach to serve the customer.

All the information you need at a glance

See important information in PostCall's dashboard such as all recent calls, number of survey responses, and ratings (e.g. NPS score, multiple choice, text-based, etc).


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