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Portable is the simplest way to load data from Aircall to your data warehouse

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A newly created Aircall source in Portable
A newly created Aircall source in Portable
A data flow connecting Aircall to a data warehouse such as BigQuery
In app you will have a summary of the successful data sync
Receive notification that an Aircall data sync has completed

Start syncing Aircall data to your cloud warehouse in minutes. With ready-to-query schemas, you'll be able to analyze calls, users, numbers, and contacts in no time. Portable handles maintenance, error handling, and authentication, so you can focus on insights.

Portable & Aircall key benefits:

Sync rich call data to your cloud warehouse with no-code

You already have the data team and technology to power insights and automation. Combine signals from your call center with the rest of the customer journey for a 360° customer view.

Start analyzing with zero code

Access Aircall data for dashboards and analytics in minutes. Portable’s pre-built connectors sync calls, users, numbers, and contacts from Aircall to your warehouse for analytics and automation. Simply authenticate and start analyzing.

Increase LTV and optimize conversions with queryable schemas

Your data is delivered ready to query. You can streamline operations, increase customer engagement, track conversions, and optimize your customer experience engine. Best of all, because the data is in your warehouse, you can combine it with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data sources across the entire customer journey.


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