Pipedream is an integration platform for developers. Connect APIs, remarkably fast.

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Trigger workflows on hundreds of events.
Trigger workflows on hundreds of events.
Send data to hundreds of apps with pre-built actions, no code required.
You can also run any Node, Python, Bash or Go code within workflows, giving you full control over your automations.

Pipedream provides a free, hosted platform for connecting apps and developing event-driven automations. The platform has over 800 fully-integrated applications, so you can use pre-built components to quickly connect to send messages to Slack, add a new row to Google Sheets, and more. You can also run any Node.js, Python, Golang, or Bash code when you need custom logic.

Pipedream helps you integrate Aircall with any other app on the internet. When you connect your Aircall account to Pipedream, you can pull data from the Aircall API to trigger actions in other apps. Or actions in one app can update data in Aircall. In Pipedream, you have code-level control over your workflow logic — the automation possibilities are endless.

Key benefits Aircall + Pipedream

Trigger automations on events in Aircall.

For example, when a call ends, save the call data to a Google Sheet.

Update Aircall data on events from other apps.

For example, when you create a user in your own platform, you can automatically create an associated contact in Aircall.

Scheduled reports.

For example, you can fetch call data once a day, process aggregate stats, and send the data to a Slack channel.

You can build virtually any automation in Pipedream. See https://pipedream.com/docs to learn more.


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