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The team inbox and chat tool that empowers teams to truly collaborate around email.

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Missive is an innovative Canadian company helping businesses collaborate on their communication since 2015.

Missive is a collaborative team Inbox, allowing everyone at your company to collaborate on emails, SMS, and many other types of messages. It's a better version of the help desk that feels more like your email app.

Missive + Aircall: key benefits

The Missive & Aircall integration will let you make and receive calls right in the context of your Inbox; no more back-and-forth between your email client/help desk and your phone app.

The integration also allows syncing all the call logs to your Missive team Inbox. Call logs include duration, notes, assignment, agent, voicemails, and recordings.

Easily sharing recordings and voicemails with your colleagues in Missive is a game changer!

Key features enabled:

Receive call logs in your Inbox

Easily share voicemails and recordings with colleagues

Merge call logs with emails you exchanged with a customer

Make calls from your Inbox


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