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Enable a 2-way sync between Aircall and third-party CRM, advertising, email, and lead-form platforms.

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Set Aircall as a Source and your CRM as a destination to keep callers and leads in sync.
Set Aircall as a Source and your CRM as a destination to keep callers and leads in sync.
Create custom audiences on platforms such as Facebook based on your call activity.
Sync LinkedIn Lead Gen form information with Aircall contacts.

About LeadsBridge

LeadsBridge is an iPaaS solution that enables companies to enhance their omnichannel strategy orchestrating their business data.

LeadsBridge fulfills your integration needs, focusing on bridging gaps between advertising platforms and sales funnels, and delivering tailor-made integrations made upon your business needs.

The LeadsBridge platform is suited for companies that want to streamline their advertising activities by integrating the marketing technology stack with Facebook & Instagram Ads, Google Ads, and LinkedIn Ads.

With more than +370 out-of-the-box integrations available at the moment, you can easily connect your chosen software with your advertising platform, seamlessly synchronizing data for your marketing workflows.

Sync phone and contact data

Connect Aircall with LeadsBridge to sync contact information with over 370 tools that include: CRM, Email Marketing software, advertising platforms, and lead generation sources. LeadsBridge connects Aircall with Facebook Suite, (Lead Ads, Custom Audiences, Offline Conversions, etc), Google Ads (Customer Match), and LinkedIn Ads (Lead Gen Forms, Matched Audiences).

Unify voice data

Aggregate Aircall events and call data as a source for your paid advertising, demand generation campaigns, and sales automation workflows. LeadsBridge's custom integration capabilities ensure that any tool and/or adjustment required by an advertiser can be made available.


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