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Win more deals, because losing sucks. Capture & analyze key customer interactions with Jiminny's AI. G2 top-rated for CI.

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About Jiminny

Jiminny empowers your revenue team with critical go-to-market insights, so you can win more deals. Jiminny records, transcribes, and analyzes your Aircall interactions so you can capture every data point important to your business. We are on a mission to help ambitious revenue teams reach their goals and grow. By breaking down the barriers that prevent true insight and action, we help teams unlock their full potential. 

With all your Aircall meetings automatically captured and analyzed by Jiminny, you can search, listen, and share knowledge to the entire organization. Self coach with AI, learn from a peer or gain valuable feedback from a manager - the coaching opportunities are endless! It’s when everyone from marketing, product and finance truly understands your customer that the real magic happens. Watch those targets become reality.

Jiminny + Aircall: Key Benefits

Complete visibility of call performance

Find exact key moments in calls in the space of seconds, making sure you’re in the right place in no time at all. Use conversation intelligence to see how you perform on customer calls, areas where you can improve and how other members of your team win.

Communication and coaching

Receive instant, AI coaching feedback on every call or join a call and live coach your team, leave feedback throughout any playback and choose who can see it, share specific key moments with the team, create playlists and so much more.

Integrates with your CRM

Our Google Chrome extension Sidekick automatically logs your call activity straight to your CRM with your choice of standard and custom fields, saving hours of manual updating and keeping your contacts database organized and up-to-date.


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