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Create one unified platform where you can manage your phone call data alongside all your customer interactions and operations by integrating Aircall with Fireberry CRM.

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About Fireberry

Fireberry is an end-to-end business management platform that can be customized to your business specific needs. From sales to customer service to marketing.

Aircall & Fireberry

It is now easier than ever for your entire business to work together in one space. Your sales and success teams will be able to give superior service and make informed decisions with all customer interaction history easily accessible and updated in real-time.

All thanks to an impressive set of features such as Click to dial, Call routing, Call queuing, Call data records, Call recordings, Auto dialer, Automations for automatic call actions and Dashboards to analyze call data.

Save time with automations

Save your team’s time and stay organized by automating call record creation with Aircall. Fireberry automations mean you’ll never miss a follow-up email.

Custom workspaces for reps, managers, and executive-level

Create custom workspaces and workflows for reps, shift managers, and execs with Fireberry. Aircall gives your reps the ease of working in one place, with click-to-dial functionality and auto-logged call records. Managers can allocate records like leads and tickets to specific reps, and Aircall allows the reps to work quickly and smoothly to progress the leads or resolve tickets, all directly within the CRM itself. With the Aircall integration, pulling call record data to generate reports takes seconds.

Make phone calls with a click

Click on any number in Fireberry to easily open it in your Aircall launcher, where you can immediately start your call. You’ll be able to expedite your calling process using this simple integration.

Call data centralization

Integrate with Aircall to automatically create call data records in Fireberry, so you can view and track your call data with ease. Access your call records directly from your accounts or contacts, where you’ll see all your data in one place. Alongside all your integrated data you’ll find your call's timing, relevant representative, recording, and more.


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