The conversation intelligence software. bao helps companies to systematically and measurably improve their sales conversations.

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Objection Handling: Real-time objection handling in bao
Objection Handling: Real-time objection handling in bao
Playbook Documentation: Example playbook for guided selling in bao
SWIFT Call: Browser Extension bao SWIFT during a call
SWIFT CRM Playbook: Browser Extension bao SWIFT and CRM

bao, founded in Munich in 2017, has set itself the goal of supporting sales teams in having exclusively good conversations. The Conversation Intelligence software identifies success factors in the sales process using Artificial Intelligence and supports the implementation of best practices in real time. bao generates structured, analyzable insights from conversations and provides sales teams with real-time, data-driven guidance on the next best action to succeed in conversations and systematically drive deals forward.

The user can start calls with Aircall directly from the bao app to ensure a smooth user flow and increase calling efficiency.

bao & Aircall key benefits:

Sales Enablement:

salespeople are empowered to have good conversations at all levels and stages of the sales process. The features of the software are tailored to the needs of the users and can reflect their individual sales processes.

Guided Selling:

During the sales process, the software effectively supports sales teams in every phase and simplifies the necessary steps within the respective sales framework. Whether preparation or follow-up, documentation or feedback - bao supports salespeople at any point of the process.

Real-time objection handling:

In the app, common objections and strategies on how to handle them are displayed in real-time.


bao generates structured data insights from sales meetings. This data is used to identify best practices and allows for continuous, systematic improvement. people and organizations in real time - supported by Artificial Intelligence."


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