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How Spotahome Solves Customer Service with Zendesk + Aircall

Daniel WeissLast updated on January 2, 2024
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Spotahome is a complete online rental platform for apartments, single rooms, and student residences, specializing in mid- to long-term leases.

Its mission?

To help you find perfect accommodations when moving to a new city.

Spotahome’s customer experience team needs to be responsive around the clock to consistently reach that result. And by integrating Aircall with Zendesk, they’re making life a lot easier for everyone involved.

Where the Phone Fits at Spotahome

Spotahome’s communications come from every angle. Sales and Customer Support act as the first line of contact, while Booking Management takes care of lease scheduling and logistics. Then, after transactions are completed, the Happiness Team collects and analyzes customer feedback.

This comprehensive approach comes in response to an industry where speed is of the utmost importance. One delayed reply could mean the difference between a restorative sleep and a lonely night in a Madrid bus station. And when your apartment door won’t open, a strongly worded email may not convey the desired sense of urgency.

To efficiently resolve time-sensitive matters with landlords and tenants, Spotahome relies heavily on phone conversations. These calls allow for immediate communication and create a stronger sense of empathy for each side of a rental agreement.

“We keep the focus on our customers,” says Fernando Bueno, Managing Director of New Business at Spotahome.“Both the landlords and the tenants.”

Using the Aircall + Zendesk Integration

Spotahome initially managed bookings through individual emails and Google groups when the business launched in early 2014. The result was often a long chain of confusing interactions. It wasn’t long before Fernando began the search for a more scalable customer communication solution.

“This was the beginning of our Customer Experience education,” Bueno admits. “As our volume of inbound and outbound calls really took off, we needed to switch to a tool that allowed us to better organize and attend to them. We needed a top-grade solution to provide top-grade customer service.”

Integrating Zendesk with Aircall gives Spotahome agents a complete picture of each and every client interaction. All tags, notes, and activities inside Zendesk are now visible alongside call recordings and reports.

This cross-platform connection means less time jumping between tools and more time devoted to the customers’ needs. Moments after taking a call, any team member can become an expert advocate for their client.

“[Zendesk and Aircall] are the main pillars of our communications, allowing us to organize our workflows and processes in a way that keeps the customer first.”

This newfound simplicity is especially welcome at a time when customers’ multichannel conversations are growing more complex. Fernando (or any Spotahome admin) can modify his Aircall preferences at any point to add new numbers, redistribute agents, or adjust call routing in a few clicks. And these operational upgrades are already making a serious impact on the business.

Fernando estimates his agents save more than 100 minutes each per week, and the business reported a 350% increase in customer bookings in the first year following Aircall adoption.

The challenge today is to ensure Spotahome’s rapid growth doesn’t become an excuse for disorganized operations or an impersonal customer experience.  But Bueno’s Aircall and Zendesk integration gives him confidence that the company’s next phase will carry the same founding principles.

“Whether browsing apartments or completing bookings, there will always be an agent there to help you, turning personalized service into our standard experience.”

Published on December 7, 2017.

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