You’re a startup and you’re changing offices very often ? Move your phone system as you move your computers

Miruna MitranescuLast updated on January 2, 2024
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Need to change offices every few months?

Wizville is a Parisian startup which offers a customer feedback solution for brick and mortar retailers. Like many young and fast growing startups Wizville has to change offices every few months in order to find more space for their new employees and interns.

And since their customers / leads are mainly retailers, they really appreciate to be able to reach instantly Wizville team by phone. Having a direct line is a “must have” for Wizville and it’s out of the question for them to interrupt this phone access, even for a couple of hours (whether it’s for support or sales reasons).

We’re using Aircall simply because we are growing fast and we need to regularly change our offices. We don’t want to get a fixed line from a telco company because we don’t want to go through the hassle of paper work and useless support calls every time, only to change its address.

Keep your phone number and redirect it to any fixed phone and smartphone you want

Wizville’ use of Aircall is pretty simple:

  1. they bought a local phone number on Aircall (a fixed line format)

  2. they redirected this number to their personal phones

  3. the next time they change offices they won’t have to do anything 🙂

Choosing a pure “software” solution like Aircall for our business phone enables us to redirect our main number to our personal smartphones or even to office phones in seconds. It’s a huge time saver and a stress-free solution. We know that we won’t have problems when we change again our offices and that it will scale with our team.

About Wizville

WizVille is a “SaaS customer feedback solution made for chains of stores, which allows them to collect, analyze and broadcast the Voice of their Customers within their organizations.” Founded in January 2012 by Timothée de Laitre and Romain Lauwerier Wizville has been since adopted by popular french retailers like Brioche Dorée, Optic Duroc or 5àsec.

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Published on April 18, 2014.

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