How To Use Outbound and Inbound Calls To Grow Your SaaS Statup

Miruna MitranescuLast updated on January 2, 2024
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SimpleMail (part of Kiwup) is an easy-to-use collaborative email provider for small business. You can create, deliver and track in real time your newsletters and auto responders in minutes. Email marketing is a breeze. SimpleMail is growing its revenue and user base fast and phone is an important piece of their growth strategy.

Looking to grow your SaaS startup? Don’t be afraid to call your users and to offer a support number to grow your business

Vincent Martinet, SimpleMail CEO, belongs to these rare young SaaS entrepreneurs who still think that selling a software should also be done through direct sales. And that offering a phone support to its customers, even if they are not Fortune 500 companies, is a great way to retain them.

Concerning business calls, SimpleMail tried several things and what works best for them at the moment is to leverage phone calls for both inbound and outbound aspects.

Outbound calls:

“We call all the new registered users to know if everything went well on our platform and if they need more information or help to get started with their first campaign. We’re also doing many outbound calls to sell our product. A lot of founders are scared to phone prospects, but they are missing a big opportunity. Very often, a call is a much warmer first contact with a person than an email.”

Inbound calls:


“We’re offering a classic phone support to our customers and our partners. Like many people we were also scared to lose time handling them but at the end we’re really happy with it. If your product is good you won’t end up drowning under thousands of calls per week. And your support quality makes a big difference with the competition.”

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Phone is just a mean to do better support and sales. It should be invisible when using it.

The problem with traditional business phone systems is that they are often complicated to set up and to use. It shouldn’t be the case, you should even forget that you are using one. You are just interacting with customers and leads. The phone needs to get out of the way.

“The main benefit of using a solution like Aircall, compared to a more traditional one (we’re using OVH), is that the product is much more simple to use. The admin interface is intuitive. We can easily set up different time slots for our support and managing them is a breeze. Call forwarding and cascading are also very interesting features to manage inbound calls.”

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Published on May 30, 2014.

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