How Sortlist Closes (and Keeps) Customers With Aircall + Intercom

Miruna MitranescuLast updated on January 2, 2024
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Sortlist, a B2B marketplace, helps large companies connect with agencies to build attractive apps and memorable marketing campaigns. But Sortlist does more than present a list of potential partners, it creates smart-matches that ensure compatibility: Professional soulmates.

Founded just 3 years ago, Sortlist now counts Yamaha Motors and Tupperware among its ever-growing registry of clients. More than 5,500 projects have been created via the platform, and 60,000 agencies participate worldwide. Partner agencies earn an average of $5 million per month thanks to Sortlist.

Aircall-Intercom integration Sortlist use-case

Andrea Balducci, Head of Business Development, explained how Sortlist uses the Aircall-Intercom integration to streamline the matchmaking process and foster meaningful relationships.

How the Phone Fuels Business

Historically, the creative industry has loved talking on the phone. (Think Don Draper, feet on desk, bourbon in hand.) The Sortlist team continues this tradition by qualifying every opportunity over the phone.

These more intimate exchanges are vital to building trust with new contacts before they potentially become clients. The Sortlist team filters through these business proposals and categorizes opportunities.

Before switching to Aircall’s cloud-based software, Sortlist used a combination of desk phones and personal devices. Passing the telephone from one teammate to another just wasn’t productive and felt archaic. They quickly opted for a VoIP solution they could install, setup, and scale in minutes.

Aircall proved to be the perfect fit. Sortlist’s agents can now screen, answer, transfer, redirect, and assign calls instantly from their work PCs. Support and sales teams have benefitted from this fluid system. Sortlist strives to call every lead within 5 minutes of signup on their website, and with Aircall, they actually can. This fast-action means Sortlist stays top-of-mind and closes more deals.

Aircall+Intercom: A Blueprint for Better Conversations

sortlist use of the aircall-intercom integration

Sortlist uses Aircall’s open API to create a new contact within Aircall as soon as a lead is created within Intercom. A phone call is made within minutes, and all notes, recordings, and other essential pieces of information are automatically updated within the Intercom CRM. All interactions across phone, email, and chat are centralized in one, easy-to-access location.

“We know every interaction a client has with our team, be it on email, phone, or chat. Having all the communications available within easy reach provides an increase in productivity for us. Not to mention all the information collected – now that we know our clients better, we can better cater to their needs”

Call recordings also create new opportunities to qualitatively assess customer needs and expectations. Sortlist can better train its staff to quickly and effectively handle calls with leads and clients. Service can now scale proportionally with the organization.

To learn more about how Aircall’s integration with Intercom works, watch the short demo below.

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Published on January 24, 2017.

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