Just In: Aircall Announces a Strategic Investment from HubSpot

Emily GregorLast updated on January 2, 2024
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To fuel the future of voice, HubSpot is making a strategic investment in Aircall, its #1 most installed telephony partner.

This funding complements our shared customer-centric missions of delivering best-in-class technology paired with outstanding customer experiences for small and medium businesses.

We’ve been building richer conversations together since 2016—and this partnership expansion is just one way we’re continuing to increase productivity and empower sales and support teams to have more impactful conversations, by:

  • Having all the information at their fingertips, which allows for a smooth experience as soon as the phone rings.

  • Boosting sales and support agent productivity by automatically logging call activity in HubSpot to Contacts, Deals, and Tickets—along with details like call notes, call duration, and call recordings. So no more manual entry!

  • Activating HubSpot workflows using call activity to follow up with customers, and driving greater insights with native reporting.

A deeper partnership with HubSpot creates smoother workflows, and allows more productivity to sales and support teams, making the most of our connected platforms.

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HubSpot invests in Aircall video

On the partnership, Aircall Co-Founder and CEO Olivier Pailhes says, “At Aircall, we’ve been working to build a customer-obsessed culture. We’re looking forward to continuing a strong relationship with HubSpot, as we both create tools and services that are used and loved every day by thousands of customers. Integrating our products through a strong and open ecosystem paves the way for the future of voice.”

By investing in Aircall, HubSpot shows that its shared vision is paving the way for an even deeper partnership. It enforces Aircall as the most advanced and preferred business phone system integrated with HubSpot.

Regarding the value of Aircall, HubSpot Ventures Senior VP of Corporate and Business Development Andrew Lindsay says, “We aim to support companies that help businesses grow better, and Aircall meets that description. Its game-changing voice communications platform is now the most installed phone app on our platform, a powerful indicator that our customers see the value of integrating their voice channel with their CRM.”

Beyond that, both companies believe voice is a core component of creating great customer experiences.

“We’re excited to continue to deepen our collaboration with Aircall, as we both work to create remarkable end-to-end experiences for our customers,” Andrew says.

Learn more about how you can use HubSpot and Aircall together to create winning customer experiences by exploring the integration on our App Marketplace.

Published on February 23, 2022.

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