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Amplify Your Voice: Aircall’s App Marketplace Surpasses 100 Integrations

Ryan CahillLast updated on January 2, 2024
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Ready to build better conversations?

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At Aircall, we’re focused on adding value to your voice. As a key part of our product, we’ve built dozens of integrations and features that help your team create transformative experiences for your customers.

Today, we’re delighted to mark the next milestone in our mission: Aircall’s App Marketplace has officially surpassed  100 integrations. From CRM to help desk platforms and from AI-powered call transcription to customer satisfaction surveys, our 100+ integrations allow teams to connect voice to the tools they use every day.

As a phone-based cloud solution, we’re bound to believe there’s strength in numbers (sorry!). So as proud as we are of what Aircall alone can do for your teams, we love good company.

Integrations Unlock Your Team’s Potential

At Aircall, we’re about smarter sales, personalized support, and better business. We passionately believe in the role cloud-based calling plays in delivering rich conversations that delight customers.

By making our software so integrative, Aircall can add the power of voice to your tech stack, promoting meaningful, impactful conversations in everything you do.

For us, a tech stack should be seamless. That means more time spent connecting and less time wasted on switching between applications.

A tech stack is also about the collective power Aircall and its connected apps can offer. A lot of thought goes into whether they will work together, and then how they can excel together.

Smart integrations unlock the cumulative strength of a tech stack, so whatever they promise separately, they can deliver more together.

Other companies feel this way, too, which is why we integrate with over 100 of them.

Below, we explore what just a handful of these apps offer and how they contribute to three key reasons integrations should be a fundamental part of your workflow.

Our latest and greatest

The Aircall App Marketplace is constantly expanding. That’s why we’re proud to regularly deliver new integrations that bring immense value to our customers. Check out our newest integrations with some of the most popular business tools on the market.

  • Microsoft Teams: Sync availability statuses between Aircall and MS Teams to prevent interruptions and missed calls, and click on a number to place a call directly from MS Teams.

  • Take to-do lists off the to-do list, and turn customer conversations into organized, accessible customer data.

Our sales fan favorites

Supercharge your sales process with two of our most popular CRM integrations. They’re tailor-made to help sales teams ramp up call volume, manage pipelines, and track conversations with prospects from first contact to closing the deal.

  • HubSpot: Track call and text messages in HubSpot for instant access to data on prospects and pipelines. Using HubSpot for customer support? Our integration works with ServiceHub, too.

  • Salesforce: Track all customer interactions, build automations, and make and receive calls directly out of Salesforce with the built-in Aircall dialer. Aircall and Salesforce are the perfect combination.

Our support superstars

Aircall enables teams to deliver incredible customer experiences time and time again. With our time-tested help desk integrations, support agents can access critical customer data in seconds. As a result, they’re able to close tickets faster and delight customers with ease.

  • Shopify: See a customer’s order details and contact information whenever you receive a call, and elevate the customer experience in seconds.

  • Zendesk: Work out of Zendesk for a centralized support experience, with the integrated Aircall dialer, automatic contact updates, robust analytics, and more.

  • Intercom: Automatically record customer interactions in Intercom, and streamline your phone and chat communication with the additional Aircall Now feature.

The Future of the App Marketplace

Passing the 100-integration benchmark is a proud moment for us. It means there are now more than 100 different ways for you to connect with your customers, exceed your sales goals, power up your tech stack, and build better conversations.

We’re not stopping here either. In the coming months (and years!), we’ll continue to invest in our app marketplace and renew our commitment to helping customers reach their goals.

We’re delighted to surpass 100 integrations, and here’s to an exciting future—one we hope you’ll be a part of.

Published on April 21, 2022.

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