Aircall listed as inaugural partner in Twilio’s Marketplace

Sophie GaneLast updated on May 14, 2024
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Following 10 years of partnership, and over 20,000 joint customers, Aircall and Twilio’s firm relationship is set to become even stronger. We’re thrilled that Aircall’s been listed as one of 10 key platforms to launch the Twilio Marketplace; a new hub of integration partners. It’s a great way for us to celebrate our decade-long partnership, and it’s excellent news for our joint and future customers looking to expand their tech horizons.

What is Twilio Marketplace?

Twilio’s Marketplace is a brand-new hub where customers can explore software tools that will integrate with Twilio to broaden their tech stack. It’s launching with 10 key platforms that perform alongside Twilio to expand customers’ phone and business messaging capabilities, integrate with CRM, improve sales cycles, and enhance customer service processes. Overall, the Marketplace aims to ensure that Twilio’s customers will have access to the best possible business solutions in the market, including business communications.

How do Aircall and Twilio integrate?

Both Aircall and Twilio aim to improve our customers’ day-to-day experience through technology that reduces admin, improves data quality and speeds up reporting, saves time, and helps sales and support teams to perform at the top of their game. Our platforms integrate seamlessly, delivering unified communications solutions. This means that our joint customers can call, text, email and chat through a single platform, with data shared securely between the two to enable agents to get a customer’s full picture, whichever mediums they choose for communication. It’s helping our joint customers to reach their customers more quickly and conveniently, thereby improving sales cycles and customer service.

Out-of-the-box communications

For those customers who have limited time and/or development resources, Aircall is the perfect companion to their Twilio platform. Our plug-and-play communications intelligence solution is a quick and easy option for companies who wish to get their voice and messaging systems up-and-running straight away, while still linking their data to their Twilio system.

International from Day One

Twilio’s integration with Aircall has been a catalyst in scaling our platform:

“One of the key features of Twilio is the ability to be international from day one. We work with telecommunications partners all over the world in order to provide connectivity for our customers, so SIP trunking features are essentials for us.”
- Pierre-Baptiste Bechu, Co-founder, Aircall

SIP trunking enables our customers to make calls from anywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world, using our cloud technology, with the phone number that they’re happiest using. It offers the option to port their phone number to Aircall and use our SMS features, or to purchase a Twilio number which they can use with Aircall; the flexibility and choice is theirs. Twilio’s reliability as a phone provider supports our call technology, making it robust enough for large volumes of calls across the globe.

Aircall on Twilio Marketplace

We’re proud to be an original member of the Twilio Marketplace, and we see it as a huge opportunity for us and Twilio to continue working together both commercially and technologically to benefit our customers. Our goal as a partnership is - as it has always been - to deliver a best-in-class experience for our 20k joint customers, with quick and stress-free implementation, and to continue improving the working day for sales and support teams across the world.

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Published on May 14, 2024.

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