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Aircall accelerates its development by announcing the recruitment of 260 people

Micha MaaloufLast updated on January 2, 2024
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  • Aircall, a 100% cloud-based phone solution, announces the launch of a plan to recruit 260 people this year

  • Aircall has completely reviewed its recruitment and integration processes in order to adapt to the current context of widespread telecommuting

  • Also, Aircall is accelerating its international expansion by announcing the opening of an office in Sydney, Australia

Paris, March 8, 2021 – Within the global context of economic hardship brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Aircall has recently announced that it is preparing to recruit 260 new positions. As the company continues its development and growth, these openings focus on the France, Spain, United States, and Australia regions, primarily. Aircall is also continuing its internationalization towards Asia-Pacific with the opening of a fourth office in Sydney, Australia. Aircall is already present in Paris, Madrid, and New York.

These 260 positions are made up of tech and product profiles, in order to continue to develop the infrastructure, platform, and development of new technologies, so as to support the needs of its clients as closely as possible. This recruitment plan, which will extend until the end of 2021, has already made it possible to recruit 35 new employees in January and February alone.

The COVID-19 crisis and lockdowns have accelerated the evolution of Aircall’s recruitment practices. In a competitive and crowded job market, Aircall is convinced more than ever of the need to ensure a high quality of exchange between the company and the applicants during the recruitment process.

This is why the company has reviewed all of its recruitment processes, paying special attention to maintaining honest communication between the company and the applicant. The objective is for Aircall to ensure that each applicant is informed at each stage, that he/she understands his/her position in the process and the challenges of the position, with full transparency.

In addition, in the current context of reinforced telecommuting, Aircall is making more efforts to welcome its new employees as best as possible with a week dedicated to facilitating their integration into the company. This integration week is set by having “time together” where they can interact with the rest of the teams; management through an internal “mentor,” access to all tools and documents, and by further facilitating their access to information.

Sandrine Meunier, Aircall HR Director, states:

“In the unprecedented crisis that we are experiencing, our teams have shown an extraordinary ability to adapt and mobilize, which allows us to continue, and even to accelerate, our recruitment according to revised and adapted processes to support our development by integrating the best talent on the market. At Aircall, we believe that more transparent processes reinforce the quality of the interaction between applicants and the company, in that they allow more authenticity and fairness in the relationship, serving the well-being of all and, ultimately, the performance of the company.”

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Published on March 11, 2021.

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