The Key to Reducing Sales Admin? Aircall’s Salesforce Integration

Emily GregorLast updated on January 2, 2024
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Salesforce is one of the leading CRM solutions on the market, and Aircall’s Salesforce integration enables you to connect with your business phone system. That means you have everything you need in one place, making it easier than ever to cut your customer-facing team’s administrative load and boost productivity. 

Reducing admin isn’t just about saving time and money for your organization. It also means your sales and support agents can focus on more productive areas of your business, including providing better service, dealing with more customers, and increasing sales as a result.

How Aircall’s Salesforce Integration Reduces Sales Admin Time

Aircall’s Salesforce integration is designed to fit perfectly within any sales workflow

helping solve some of your team’s biggest business challenges. Both sales and support agents at many companies spend far too much time swapping between tools, completing manual work, and inputting data, with productivity suffering as a result.

Aircall’s Salesforce integration delivers an all-in-one integrated experience that’s designed specifically for Salesforce users. 

Benefits include:

  • Set up with minimal hassle: Meet your go-live dates with zero implementation fees and an easy-to-understand onboarding flow.

  • Perfect integration and centralized work: With the Aircall integration, calls don’t just log in Salesforce, they happen there alongside other sales work—meaning there’s no need for teams to swap back and forth between tools.

  • Instant access to crucial data: With all your customers’ data right at your fingertips, you can stay focused on the conversation and not get bogged down in admin work.

Aircall provides a clean and simple user interface for agents and admins using Salesforce, meaning there are no distractions and your team members can focus 100% of their time on delivering the best customer service.

Power through Sales Engagement Cadences

Aircall’s Salesforce integration makes it easier to power through hundreds of calls every single day, with the Sales Engagement feature increasing cadence through repeatable and scalable best practices. 

The integration with Salesforce’s Sales Engagement feature is particularly useful when it comes to cutting repetitive admin. It means click-to-dial is right there in the Salesforce Work Queue, along with the ability to select Call Outcomes directly from phones, enabling sales teams to spend more time driving conversations and less time on admin—without sacrificing any reporting accuracy.

“We rely on the click-to-dial feature in Salesforce because it allows us to control where the call activity goes based on which record you're dialing from,” explains Doorstead’s Head of Sales Ops & Enablement, Jordan Disraeli. “To have clean data, we really need full control over where that call activity is going, so the click-to-dial feature and automatic call activity, logging, and mapping make it so we can log all that data with no extra work for our sales team.”

With Aircall’s Salesforce integration, sales teams can spend more time focusing on high-velocity sales and closing more deals while remaining confident all their key activity is accurately logged and easily accessible.

Build call reports in Salesforce with actionable data

Building call reports is also quicker and simpler than ever with Aircall’s Salesforce integration, delivering data your teams and business can use to increase productivity across the board.

Calls log in real-time while automated reporting pulls in data from all Salesforce Objects, including leads, contacts, accounts, cases, tasks, and activities, ensuring easy access to the most up-to-date information on calls made or received by your team.

On top of automated logs, Aircall provides its own custom Voice Object, with 40-plus data points, including call tagging and custom field features to tailor reporting to your specific business requirements.

You can also link Aircall data to your Salesforce dashboard or cut admin even further by using call data to create custom reports and dashboards, trigger real-time notifications, and other essential workflows. Want to compare the number of dials to the total ARR closed, all within Salesforce? With Aircall’s integration, you can do that and much more.

All this means one thing—deeper insights, with data you can use to increase productivity, understand customer trends, and report back to other leaders in your business. 

Guarantee accurate record keeping with Quick Actions

Sometimes, someone else picks up your call. Maybe a customer mistakenly contacted the wrong department. Maybe an intern or trainee is on the line. Whoever picks up the call, in those situations, it’s all too simple to lose track of information that may be critical to future calls and sales opportunities. This doesn’t need to be the case, with Quick Actions helping to guarantee accurate record keeping every time. 

Quick Actions gives agents the ability to reassociate a call with the correct contact. Your business can use Quick Actions to create or update records; reassign them to different accounts, cases, and individuals; flag opportunities; or simply log calls. This means your agents will always have the correct data on hand—even if the wrong person answers a call—and can spend less time worrying about filling in forms or chasing down lost calls and more time doing what they do best. 

Increase Productivity with Aircall’s Salesforce Integration Today

It’s easy to see the benefits that Aircall’s Salesforce integration has to offer and the ways it can cut your administrative burden. Ready to drive faster sales cycles, automate reporting, and unlock insights that will help improve performance?

Install the Salesforce integration for Aircall now and increase your team’s productivity with one simple download. 

Published on April 17, 2023.

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