Introducing: Aircall’s New AI-Powered Features

Ryan CahillLast updated on February 1, 2024
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Ready to build better conversations?

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AI is growing 50% faster than the overall software market (CDO Trends), and from Open AI’s ChatGPT to AI-generated chatbots and Instagram images, 2023 might as well be known as the year of AI. 

According to our AI Index Report, 53% of small businesses are planning to invest in AI implementation in the next year (if they haven’t already), and 74% want to learn more about how AI can benefit them. 

After launching our AI-powered call and voicemail transcription feature in May, we’ve transcribed more than 65 million calls, but now we’re taking it to the next level. 

To help your sales and support teams save time, improve coaching, and drive business results, we’re introducing a new add-on Aircall AI Package to give you access to an additional suite of industry-leading features. 

Ready to implement our new AI-powered offerings? Take a closer look at what to expect! 

Unlock New Insights with the Aircall AI Package

Data is key to any performance-driven business. Our new suite of AI features will help you say goodbye to the 20.8 hours you spend on busywork, admin, and training each week.

For only $9 per user per month, you will be able to take a deep dive into the following additional features: AI-generated Call Summaries, Key Topics, and Talk-to-Listen Ratios. Let’s break down how each one will help you leverage data to increase team productivity and performance. 

Call Summaries

Spending two hours a week listening to customer calls is a thing of the past. Our Call Summaries feature shares a high-level overview of the conversation that automatically tells you the major key takeaways. Instead of having to listen back to a recording or read an entire transcript, you’ll be able to get the information you need and slash the time you spend on call reviews by up to 50%.

Key Topics

Having a high-level understanding of themes and trends that emerge during customer and prospect calls is key to running a high-performing sales or support team. With our Key Topics feature, you can gain immediate insight into the major topics that are discussed during recorded conversations. Over time, you’ll be able to use these insights to educate and train your team (and any new joiners!), build out future product offerings, and improve the quality of your customer service. 

Talk-to-Listen Ratios

Sales scripts and messaging always need tweaking. With Talk-to-Listen Ratios, you’ll be able to automatically view the percentage breakdown of the call to track how much each speaker was talking. This will help you tighten up your sales scripts, identify coaching opportunities, and get a closer look at how your team is performing.

“AI is one of our top priorities at Aircall, and we’re excited to add these robust, time-saving features to our offering. Right now, they’re available for customers in English-speaking countries, but we’ll be launching them in French, German, and Spanish soon so we can help our 17,000 global customers drive real sales and support success,” says Director of Product Marketing Lorenza Pugliese.  

Along with additional languages, we plan to continue delivering value to our customers with more AI-powered features that help them streamline coaching processes. In the coming months, we’ll add text search to our Aircall AI Package, allowing managers to identify key moments in call transcripts even faster. 

Ready to level up? Reach out to your customer success manager to access our Aircall AI Package today! 

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Published on October 5, 2023.

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