Surfboard + Aircall: Elevating Phone Support Through Intelligent Scheduling

Surfboard + Aircall: Elevating Phone Support Through Intelligent Scheduling

Created especially for customer-obsessed teams, Surfboard and Aircall’s partnership makes it easy for customers to get in touch via live channels like the phone. By leveraging Aircall’s seamless business phone system and Surfboard’s workforce management software, teams can respond to customers quickly, maximizing their service levels and CSAT while maintaining high levels of efficiency. 

Surfboard was founded in 2020 by Natasha Ratanshi-Stein, who was previously the Chief of Staff at Bulb, a renewable energy company based in the UK, France, Spain, and the U.S. After learning how to provide leading customer service in a competitive and highly regulated industry, Natasha wanted to build workforce management software that is simpler, smarter, and fairer.

Surfboard gives support teams the confidence that they’ll be able to maintain their customer service levels. It also helps them prepare for any type of scenario—whether it’s increasing inbound requests or changes to headcount and productivity.  

Surfboard's primary mission is to humanize customer support activities in a way that helps companies delight customers with rapid response times while providing visibility into how service can be improved. 

With over a dozen mutual customers needing to offer fast, high-quality phone service, Surfboard and Aircall’s partnership was driven by our customers. Over the last year, we’ve strengthened our integration to power accurate forecasting, SLA-proof scheduling, and actionable insights. 

Together, the partnership aims to empower support teams to excel in delivering unparalleled customer experience while achieving their operational goals and ensuring team happiness.

Witnessing the transformative impact of our partnership with Aircall on our customers has been profoundly rewarding. It's not just about improved metrics; it's about reshaping team dynamics, building internal alignment, and ultimately enhancing every customer interaction."
— Natasha Ratanshi-Stein, Founder & CEO, Surfboard

How does the integration work?

Surfboard's integration with Aircall is designed to be effortless. 

With no code or development time required, support teams can easily obtain insights on ticket volumes and the time spent addressing calls, helping with better capacity planning and understanding demand trends. 

Rather than just answering calls, the focus becomes how to provide the highest level of service to each customer by having the right staffing levels at all times, helping teams prioritize workload, and ensuring scheduling aligns with fluctuating demand. 

Optimizing support through integrated insights

With Aircall's Surfboard integration, support teams have an integrated system connecting their forecasting, scheduling, and performance data. 

Complementing this is the Insight Overview, which shows a real-time, high-level snapshot of capacity fulfillment and shrinkage trends. 

This positions teams to rapidly adapt to service changes, ensuring they remain a step ahead in their planning. Surfboard's dedication to fairness and flexibility empowers teams to design work patterns tailored to distinct needs, accommodating preferences and specific ways of working designed to be human-first. 

In today's digital age, where customers expect both excellence and efficiency, Aircall’s Surfboard integration ensures that businesses are perfectly positioned to deliver top-tier phone support, backed by intelligent scheduling and insights. Start using it today via the Aircall App Marketplace