HubSpot + Aircall: Creating a Communication Ecosystem Where Every Conversation Matters

HubSpot + Aircall: Creating a Communication Ecosystem Where Every Conversation Matters

Every call that goes into or out of a call center or an office falls into a specific place within the customer journey. This is why your phone experience, as well as the rest of your customer experience, truly matters.

Your sales reps and support agents need to be able to respond to customers in real-time to ensure that they have an excellent customer journey. This means your reps need as much info about your customers as possible. With the Aircall and HubSpot integration, the customer status and details are immediately accessible.

By design, Aircall integrates with best-of-class platforms to create a top-notch customer experience for B2B customers whose businesses benefit from a powerful ecosystem of digital tools.

Our phone system works directly with CRMs and help desk software, along with other integrations, to improve the customer experience and ensure strong productivity in the call center. Integrated tools work in sync to impact key parts of customer workflows and ensure conversations lead to positive results.

Why HubSpot?

That’s why Aircall partnered with HubSpot, a leader in providing software for inbound marketing, sales, service, and operations. HubSpot is a key tool for managing customer communications, personalizing interactions, and strengthening relationships, which is why we knew we needed to build a seamless integration on top of HubSpot.

The HubSpot CRM is popular because it’s powerful and easy to use. In fact, over 100,000 companies in over 120 countries use HubSpot for their CRM. About 1 in 4 Aircall customers have already found success using the HubSpot and Aircall integration. Aircall has even grown to become a HubSpot premier partner because of its robust offering of voice calling features and its versatility in connecting with other tools.

HubSpot lives by the motto, What’s good for the business should also be good for the customers. Its dedication to improving customer relationships to scale sales and support processes resonated with our approach, and together we help businesses drive success. By adding the power of Aircall, HubSpot customers would now be able to provide a seamless phone experience for their prospects and customers in real-time.

The Importance of Creating a Holistic Communication Ecosystem

In small businesses, whether interactions take place over the phone or through email, chat, or instant message, all conversations matter.

A communication ecosystem connects voice and other communication channels to all the key parts of customer workflows using software such as HubSpot’s CRM.

As a trusted HubSpot partner, Aircall’s voice ecosystem has quickly become the leading voice solution in HubSpot’s app marketplace, making sure that businesses can have the right visibility into their customers—even after a call ends. With the customer experience being the most important thing, the goal of the Aircall integration with HubSpot was to ensure that businesses could provide a smooth customer journey to keep customers engaged and inspire brand loyalty.

While HubSpot’s CRM as a standalone tool is incredibly powerful, by adding a voice ecosystem, Aircall and HubSpot customers are now able to support internal communication and enhance team training.

“When they call, we can greet them by name. We can see from their Hubspot profile when they call, how many times, everything. We have better customer service.” — Genuine Legal

The connected software programs sync information seamlessly, forming a single source of data that’s accessible to any authorized user when they log in. Aircall provides businesses with voice calling features like call recording, call monitoring, and call whispering and digital tools like AI and transcription software help managers train sales reps and support agents on how to improve their call practices. This is why it’s a perfect fit for HubSpot and their audience. It gives sales and support users the necessary visibility to provide a smooth interaction.

All in all, the Aircall communication ecosystem streamlines call handling, which improves call center efficiency. Aircall’s ecosystem also gives customers the tools to increase productivity and access to data to measure the results of call center activity.

The HubSpot Integration: Good for Business and Customers

Beyond giving sales reps and support agents instant access to the customer record, our HubSpot integration provides access to call recordings, call history, and many other details that provide greater context to calls. With built-in analytics programs, businesses can also pull from customer data to create customized reports, which are valuable for assessing the latest sales and support trends.

“We were working with another voice solution which didn’t provide us with enough analytical results. We chose Aircall due to the valuable insights—and of course—the simple integration with HubSpot.” — TrekkSoft

Customer data automatically pops up in a bubble on the user’s screen before the call even connects. Within seconds, HubSpot logs the call, captures the recording, and attaches it to the correct customer record for later review.

The same data also gets stored in Aircall’s system, where users can retrieve HubSpot records within the Aircall phone system for even greater versatility and accessibility.

Aircall’s integration has scaled to now integrate with HubSpot’s Sales Hub and Service Hub. Here’s a better idea of those use cases:


HubSpot uses automation to facilitate sales workflows, and with Aircall, sales reps can access phone conversations with prospects in the HubSpot Sales Hub. Sales reps can also access Contact and Deal information within the Aircall phone. When customers are ready to buy, sales reps are fully prepared to go in for the close.


As support calls come into the call center with Aircall, HubSpot automatically creates support tickets and logs the calls into the HubSpot Service Hub. There’s no worry over losing support tickets or customers not getting a call back. These are specific advantages that significantly enhance the customer experience.

The Future Is Bright: Why HubSpot & Aircall Will Continue to Provide Tools to Enhance the Customer Experience

The partnership between Aircall and HubSpot is garnering a strong reputation among businesses. The two companies share 2000+ mutual customers around the world, including The Motley Fool, Vacasa, Revolut, FactorialHR, and Cargo.One.

With small businesses all competing to provide a standout customer service experience, Aircall and HubSpot create a mutually beneficial affiliation that strategically leverages customer interactions to build brand loyalty and reach business goals.