FLG and Aircall: Building Better Relationships

FLG and Aircall: Building Better Relationships

It starts with a simple spreadsheet. But tens of employees, and hundreds of customers later, you’re stuck looking at a complicated mess of Excel documents, email threads, and sticky-notes.

The consequences of systems that don’t scale are dire. Lost productivity, missed opportunities, and wasted time all translate to hard-earned money down the drain.

One UK-based company decided enough was enough. Customer relationships deserved better.

FLG, an agile, product-focused company, puts its customers at the center of their innovation process. Their easy to use CRM automates workflows, so teams can be sure that nothing is missed, and no opportunities are left behind.

“Our customers are at the center of our innovation and support.” - Lauren Shaw, Marketing Executive at FLG

11 years later, FLG boasts high customer retention rates, amazing reviews, and an army of engaged customers. And it’s these close ties with their customers that lead FLG to keep building and innovating.

Building Together

The best companies listen to their customers, and FLG is no exception. Always ready for feedback, they noticed their customers were struggling with one of the most basic business tools.

The business phone.

A number of their customers were using outdated phone systems or desk phones that were bulky, complicated, and expensive. Worst of all, their phones didn’t integrate well into their CRM.

Rather than being helpful, this solution was actually hindering team productivity.

But without a native dialer or much knowledge of the telephony space, FLG had to get creative with their solution.

Which is why partnering with Aircall provided the answer they needed: A phone system that integrates seamlessly with their current software

“We looked for the best telephony products on the market so we could benefit from specialist knowledge and expertise to make the FLG product better - Lauren Shaw

Aircall + FLG

While having a voice feature is important, FLG’s choice to partner with Aircall is more than just about having software that delivers. Customer-centricity is key. Aircall’s easy-to-use interface and transparent pricing structure make it easy for users to feel empowered and informed.

“Aircall caters well to our customers who typically have 5-25 users and are technology savvy. These are often companies or individuals with an entrepreneurial flair” - Lauren Shaw

Because Aircall caters to small and medium-sized businesses, they are able to prioritize a more personal customer approach from the start; making FLG and Aircall a powerful combination for any modern sales team.

Voice as a Solution

Using Aircall’s API and public webhooks, two of FLG’s software developers and their product manager were able to get the integration up and running in just three weeks.

By syncing the technology between voice and CRM, this integration helps teams streamline information, improve communication, and build better relationships with their leads, prospects, and customers.

Here’s how it works:

Call logging: Cut down on countless hours of manual work by having your calls logged, as well as access to needed call recordings on-demand. This feature helps teams keep information from past calls and retrieve them quickly when needed. No losing out on a prospect because you don’t have the right data.

Screen Pop: Good relationships are more important than ever, especially in our current sales climate. Prospects don’t want to be put on hold or listen to agents looking for records in their system. Now you can sync information from FLG straight to Aircall and display it on the screen before picking up the phone. Knowing who’s calling before you pick up can be the difference between a lost deal and a closed one.

Call-Matching: Making sure that your call recording is linked to the correct lead is important. But that can be difficult when multiple leads have the same number (for instance, a customer who has asked about several different products or services). The clever call-matching widget identifies and informs agents if the phone number has been matched, and allows them to match it to a different lead where necessary. Right logs, right recordings, right leads and no confusion.

Click-to-call: Outbound calls just got easier. Aircall’s click-to-call function lets agents find and call a number instantly. And without the added steps of manually syncing information, teams can focus on building relationships and strengthening rapport instead of wasting precious time dialing.

The Right Call

While still an early release, the integration is already making a splash among customers. Earcandy, an award-winning live entertainment provider, has been one of the first to enjoy the new integration, with promising results:

“It’s significantly easier using this than our previous system that isn’t integrated!” - Ben Rogers, Founder and Managing Director at Earcandy

As for the teams that built the integration at Aircall and FLG, customer-centricity is key to improvement. They encourage all their users to check-in and give feedback whenever they can:

“We’re still adding lots to the integration so it may change often, but it also makes it clear that we want and welcome customer feedback.” - Lauren Shaw.