One-Pager: Aircall’s Guide to the PSTN Switch-Off

In this one-pager, you’ll discover what the PSTN switch-off means and how you can prepare your business for it. 

The PSTN switch-off is coming—don’t get cut off

In December 2025, the UK’s Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) will be switched off. This important milestone will mark the end of analog phone lines in the UK—and could have important ramifications for your business. 

To cut through the technical terms and help you prepare, we’ve prepared a digestible guide covering:

  • Why the PSTN network switch-off is happening 

  • What it means for your business—including the potential benefits

  • How you can put in place a future-proof phone system ahead of the switch

Find out more and get prepared for the UK’s PSTN switch-off by downloading the one-pager today. 

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