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How The Insurance Surgery Boosts Call Efficiency by 50% with Plecto & Aircall

How The Insurance Surgery Boosts Call Efficiency by 50% with Plecto & Aircall



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Since 1999, The Insurance Surgery has established itself as a leading life insurance broker whose team of experts specializes in providing bespoke coverage to high-risk individuals with pre-existing medical conditions across the United Kingdom.

A feat that has been accomplished with the support of Aircall and Plecto in helping to connect with customers and enhance the insurance giant’s sales and support capabilities.

Matt Vickers, Operations Manager at The Insurance Surgery, outlines how as a UK-wide broker, being able to contact, communicate with, and assist clients across the entire country and abroad is “the be-all and end-all of our business. It’s everything to us.” 

So when COVID-19 threatened the pre-existing analog phone systems it was using and, like many others, its workforce was forced to work from home, the UK Broker Award-winners knew something had to change. The Insurance Surgery, therefore, faced the challenge of modernizing “from paper-based to computer systems, a digitalized and better phone system… and then we needed to work out how we see what our team are doing,” reported Matt.

“That’s where tools like Aircall and Plecto came into play for us. We were looking for a core solution that linked in with our CRM better. We use Hubspot as our CRM and the integrations with Aircall were readily available. And then in the conversation with [Aircall], it came to reporting… which is where Plecto came in. And then when we found out that Plecto integrated with our CRM as well, it was a very straightforward win” - states Matt.

More calls, more time, more customer-centric, more sales with Aircall.

Despite the sheer amount of customer data the insurance giant’s lead generation team handles, Aircall’s power dialer proved to help reps power through 50% more calls each day. 

Matt outlines how the rest of the company benefits from Aircall’s time-saving click-to-dial feature, which “makes it very easy” when the intended phone number is highlighted onscreen for sales and support reps to simply click rather than having to type it in. “That doesn’t sound like a lot, but if it’s 10 seconds per number and you’re making 150 calls a day, it’s a lot of time that we’re just wiping off the books,” continues Matt.

The benefits of this for The Insurance Surgery extend beyond teams' ability to outreach in a very accurate and timely manner… more importantly, prospects and clients reap the rewards, too! Matt describes being able to respond to inquiries before visitors are even off the website, as "a lot nicer for us and nicer for our clients as well" who receive a very positive and valued experience.

On top of saving time while increasing reps’ productivity and creating more personalized customer experiences, Matt says the best part for both The Insurance Surgery and its customers, was that “it was a very simple transition over to [Aircall] and very simple to use. We used our previous phone system on Thursday, and we used Aircall on Friday. And no one’s looked back since!”

The performance-boosting Plecto x Aircall integration

It proved to be that integrating Aircall call data with Plecto was the prized piece of The Insurance Surgery’s performance-boosting puzzle. 

“For a company that is always on the phone, we want to be able to see what people are doing. So that visualization is all we ever really wanted.” And with Plecto x Aircall, that’s exactly what The Insurance Surgery achieved. No more old call data, instead it was live updates and games galore at the insurance powerhouse!

Revenue-driving dashboard insights without the delay

For Matt, the benefits were clear. They were able to centralize all their sales and support data in one place–on Plecto KPI dashboards–and get quick insights into what’s going on, live! The insurance powerhouse can see exactly how many calls its reps have made throughout the day, what status they’re currently in, how long they’ve been in that status, the duration of their calls for that day, how many deals won that day, and how many leads generated that day for particular teams.

Live, centralized call data thanks to state-of-the-art streaming

The operations manager explains that “it’s made a big difference, for myself and the sales manager, especially, to be able to keep track of activities and performance. And to be able to see things quicker and easier without having to jump through, two or three different systems to figure out what’s going on.”

With a sense of satisfaction, Matt adds that it takes less than 5 seconds to be able to see this information now, which has “made a massive difference for our sales manager especially. It’s very easy to see who’s doing what… and who might need a nudge in the right direction. It’s very nice to be able to, at a glance, see what’s going on.”

Playing games, not catch up!

According to Matt, using gamification to run challenges has been incredibly successful for The Insurance Surgery in developing a culture of fun, friendly competition that ultimately boosts performance. The operations manager remarks, “If you can have it happen organically that they’re looking at each other’s numbers as much as they’re looking at their own… it’s a big positive!”

The Insurance Surgery has found this to be extremely motivating while simultaneously improving sales performance. One such example is on Fridays when the daily target is hit, everyone in the team can go home. “They’re obviously all quite looking forward to when that one comes up on the screen!” notes Matt.

Increased productivity and efficiency with +50% calls

For The Insurance Surgery, the proof is in the performance.

The company’s lead generation team has seen a 50% increase in the number of calls they’re able to make.

Matt explains:

“We went from 150 calls a day per rep on one of our teams to 213 yesterday. So it’s obviously helping a lot. Most of the team were over 200 calls on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Where previously 200 calls meant you’d had an incredible day, where now that because of the terrific increase in performance as an entity, that’s the standard expected now… but without them feeling any extra issues themselves.”

Additionally, The Insurance Surgery has seen sales increase as a result of performance being visual and accessible.

“Ultimately [the visibility] drives people to make more sales and to compete with whoever else might be in the top three that month. So we found out that gamification is actively helping our advisors sell more and buy into it more as well” - Matt

The Plecto and Aircall integration

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