Aircall Helps SumUp Increase Outbound Calling by 30%

Aircall Helps SumUp Increase Outbound Calling by 30%



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Since launching in 2012, Berlin-based SumUp has revolutionised payments for SMEs and self-employed professionals. By providing a mobile and easy-to-use payment card reader, as well as a transparent and flexible cost structure, they’ve helped small enterprises scale effectively.

Building on their success and rapid global growth, SumUp is now present in 31 countries, including most of Europe, the United States, Brazil and Chile. More than three-million businesses around the world use SumUP, including hair and beauty salons, cafes and restaurants, personal assistance services, taxi drivers and many more.

SumUp's most desirable asset is their flexibility - and a variety of customers benefit from their intuitive mobile solution. Using an affordable pricing model and commission structure, SMEs and self-employed professionals depend on SumUp for seamless business transactions.

Flexibility as a Business Value

Ambroise Prieur joined SumUp in 2014 as a Contact Centre Administrator within the CRM infrastructure team. He is responsible for SumUp’s phone system as a key communication channel for leads, customers and partners globally.

For Prieur's teams, the phone system is an essential tool for customer relations - particularly for the Sales, Partnerships and Account Management teams. These business functions are growing rapidly, and they need scalable tools capable of increasing productivity and solving payment issues effectively, which is why they chose Aircall.

Boosting Sales Productivity

SumUp’s previous phone solution had restrictive workflows and was not very well adapted to the needs of the sales teams. Even though they switched from another cloud-based solution, loading the Salesforce CTI could take up to 1 minute - Aircall eliminates this wait time for Prieur’s team and integrates intuitively with all essential business tools.

Employees also expressed their desire for a mobile application. With the sales team often on the road or in meetings, it was important to have a powerful and integrated mobile app - especially given the highly strategic role voice plays in sales at SumUp. With Aircall’s mobile app, sales professionals can take work calls on their personal mobile devices and always be present when the right moment arrives.

“There is no more effective solution than voice to sell a product like ours, to take the time to understand the customer's needs and offer them a suitable solution. We can't do it any other way than over the phone.”⸺Ambroise Prieur, SumUp Contact Center Administrator.

Salesforce at the Center of the Sales Cycle

From centralising lead and customer information to analysing sales performance, SumUp's sales activity is centred around Salesforce. The integration of the phone with Salesforce was therefore a main consideration during their purchasing process.

Aircall was able to fully meet this need immediately upon installation, and the benefits were clear - instant implementation, elimination of CTI loading times, automatic data synchronisation (with or without the use of CTI) and mobile app compatibility.

Shortly after adopting Aircall, SumUp noticed higher phone system usage and an improved reliability of tracked KPIs in Salesforce - likely because of this easy integration.

Tracking Call Activity and Other Sales KPIs

Companies that rely on voice communications know call-related activity is a crucial element of the sales journey. Being able to centralise all data in Salesforce allows calling activity to be cross-referenced with other important KPIs. For example, the time spent closing a deal versus the overall profitability. Specific call recordings are also helpful for reference and future training purposes.

This is a major advantage for SumUp, as it also simplifies tasks for Sales Team Managers and allows them to keep a 360° view of sales activity.

“Having all the information in a single platform, Salesforce, allows us to monitor the activity of our agents, to have visibility over the sales cycle, and therefore to identify which levers can be used to improve our processes and motivate our teams.” 

Ease-of-Use Encourages Phone Adoption

Aircall is intuitive to operate and can be set up and ready to use in a matter of minutes. All features are easily explained and implemented with a deep library of user materials - from the Salesforce integration to collaboration tools and phone number creation.

“With Aircall, creating numbers is much easier than with other tools. You can create numbers very quickly and anywhere in the world – it’s a real advantage for a global sales team.” 

Before Aircall, a number of SumUp agents were put off by the complexity of their phone solution and preferred contacting leads by email instead. This negatively affected the team’s productivity and efficiency. By switching to Aircall, SumUp has seen a significant increase in phone adoption as an outreach method.

“We are getting tremendous feedback from agents using Aircall. As a result, our phone-based activity has increased by 30%, and that should naturally be reflected in our sales figures.” 

Based on their sales team’s success using phone-based communication, SumUp plans to implement Aircall for other teams very soon. 

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