How Aircall helped Jobandtalent optimize call attendance – and maintain a human touch with customers

How Aircall helped Jobandtalent optimize call attendance – and maintain a human touch with customers



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In the recruiting business, communication is key - from job interviews, to salary discussions, payroll and much more, these sensitive topics require effective and secured channels of communication, and Jobandtalent is no exception.

Improving customer journeys

Founded in Madrid, Jobandtalent is one of the leading digital temp staffing agencies. With their on-demand staffing marketplace they aim to make the labour market more fluid and accessible by tearing down the barriers to job searching and hiring - all through an internally developed algorithm allowing to match talents with open positions, and to provide work continuity to job seekers. Founded in 2009, they now operate in Spain, Germany, France, the UK, Sweden, Colombia and Mexico.

Jobandtalent’s ‘North Star’ – their unwavering definition of purpose – is improving the Net Promoter Scores (NPS) of workers and clients, something that is measured in detail on a regular basis by a dedicated team. As a business, their objective is to improve these journeys as much as possible, so much so that their customers won’t have any issues.

As operations expanded beyond Spain into multiple countries, the need to streamline internal processes became even more pressing. We sat down with Sonsoles Navarro, VP of Customer Success and Customer Care, to find out how they transformed the way they provided support across the board.

Communicating with a human touch

Jobandtalent is a business that operates using a number of communication channels – voice, email, chat, Whatsapp – something that can be difficult to maintain as a company continues to grow. The nature of their work requires a certain sensitivity, with salaries, payroll and performances discussed regularly – meaning a human touch needs to be present throughout.

“In a world where everything is digital, we still believe that human contact plays an important role in what we do. Job seekers appreciate that we’re just on the other end of the line if they have any needs, and for us, it’s better to have a more personal platform to carry out the more sensitive conversations. That’s why voice is a critical channel for customer satisfaction.”

Turning metrics from ‘black box’ to ‘glass box’

While voice remained central to the company’s strategy, the technology they were using simply was not optimised to support their operations. Physical phones on desks provided minimal visibility, and metrics such as high-volume hours and missed calls were almost impossible to be tracked.

“The reason we began looking for a different solution was because we realised how difficult it was becoming to have the key metrics we needed. Customers were complaining that we weren’t answering the phone, but we couldn’t identify where this was happening, or at what times we needed more support. We were lacking the data in order to dimension our team accordingly.”

Simple and seamless

The need for a solution was clear, and the team tested out a number of different phone solutions before choosing Aircall.

“Our previous phone system was extremely difficult to configure; we’d have to ring an external operator in order to make any changes. We’d also just invested in Kustomer, so the need to integrate with it was paramount”, says Navarro.

The simplicity – not only of the integration, but of setting up the entire system – was a key factor in her final decision, as well as realising that call quality did not suffer despite being powered by the cloud.

“After we looked at the setup and realised how easy it was to configure everything, including the integration, we then looked at call quality. Aircall checked all the boxes.”

Helping the business evolve

Now, the company’s operations look a whole lot different. The team is dimensioned correctly, with business hours now adapted to call volumes – something that has helped them become more flexible and efficient across the board.

“There are now around 100 people using Aircall across our customer service teams, with at least half of those being ‘heavy’ users. Having a single tool we can use across multiple countries has really helped us optimise our staffing, too”.

This allowed Jobandtalent to not only improve customer satisfaction, but also to see how tightly related it is to call activity, and to track it closely to be able to react fast:

“There is a very direct link between our call attendance and client NPS. As soon as call attendance is low, we start getting complaints, so having a phone system that we can streamline for business hours and call distribution is really important to guarantee customer satisfaction.”

Moreover, the integration with Kustomer really helped centralise all customer interactions – with all chat, email, and voice conversations being stored there, reporting is made easy, and the customer-facing teams never miss any critical piece of information. The integration also eliminates manual work: whenever a call is answered, it is logged and tagged within Kustomer.

Company-wide adoption

The next step, Navarro believes, is to take Aircall beyond the customer service teams and out to the entire customer-facing side of the company. As COVID-19 has caused operations to move from 60% to 100% digital, there is an opportunity for processes to be made even more efficient.

Alongside this, Navarro says that the call recording feature has introduced the ability to audit and measure their performance. This feature has had a tangible impact on the quality of support, and created an opportunity for the teams to grow and improve.

“In the future, we want our clients and workers to be so happy as to reduce touchpoints to a minimum. But we will always need to be available by phone for sensitive conversations, since it allows us to add a human touch to customer service – particularly with job seekers, who really need it. That’s why Aircall plays an important role, and why we want everyone across the customer-facing side business to benefit from it.”

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