How CleanCloud Used Aircall to Scale Their Team and Turbocharge Their Mission

How CleanCloud Used Aircall to Scale Their Team and Turbocharge Their Mission



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CleanCloud is a leading software solution for laundromats, dry cleaners, shoe repair services, and more, helping smooth the process of point of sale, delivery, and pick-up. Used in over 90 countries worldwide, CleanCloud boasts five-star ratings on GetApp, Capterra, and SourceForge. It not only helps the day-to-day running of companies, but it also plays an integral role in helping them grow their business.

To find out what’s happening behind the scenes at CleanCloud and how Aircall has had a transformative impact on the company as it scales, we sat down with Senior Sales Team Leader Ricard Pryce.

Changing the Dynamic; Maintaining the Service

Ricard’s role is predominantly to lead on the optimisation of the sales team. This means empowering them to follow up on every lead marketing passes on and ensuring the team is free to spend time on the phone making meaningful connections with customers.

Recently, this led Ricard to focus on changing the sales process and more clearly defining the roles within his sales team. This resulted in hiring more sales development representatives (SDRs) to maximise inbound and outbound leads. 

But by changing the team dynamic in this way, Ricard needed to make sure he wasn't jeopardising the company mission—one he describes as “encouraging trust and bringing more convenience to the customer.” As a team scales, things inevitably change, and for Ricard, the challenge was protecting the reputation CleanCloud had built over the years.

Leanne Patterson, CleanCloud’s Head of Marketing, adds: “The pressure for sales is making the most of every prospect we give them. We spend a lot of time getting leads into the pipeline, and the sales workflows need to be there to avoid money going down the drain.”

Added to this challenge was the fact that, like every business, CleanCloud was seeing a rise in remote working for their employees. Trust may be at the heart of CleanCloud’s culture, but any sales leader will need oversight of team performance, wherever their direct reports work from.

Ricard explains, “It’s critical that productivity doesn’t dip when teams are working from home. We’ve spotted this in the past, and to stay at the top of our game, we can’t afford to see the call rate drop.”

For Ricard, dealing with these challenges was made much easier with Aircall: “Things would be very chaotic without Aircall,” he explains.

“It’s the best tool I’ve used as a sales team leader. It brings convenience to myself, the team, and the customer. And for CleanCloud, it was a no-brainer.”

Leanne agrees, saying how in a previous role she had no idea how individuals or businesses were performing.

“There were constant gaps,” she remembers. “No calls were logged or tracked; there was no idea of the engagement rate as we had to log everything into HubSpot manually, and that didn’t happen. Fortunately, with Aircall there’s no risk of this occurring.”

Evolving the Sales Ecosystem

“In sales, processes are always changing,” explains Ricard. “The landscape is always evolving.”

But while this might be the case, there is one thing that remains the same—the phone, which Ricard describes as “the most effective tool we have in our arsenal and the most direct way to reach a customer.”

With the arrival of more advanced technologies, people might think of the phone as a simpler form of outreach, but the reality is that the power of a conversation is unrivalled. But to maximise its value, hard work must go into creating a conversation that connects with customers and builds loyalty for the long term.

“We’re not about asking the team to make hundreds of calls a day,” explains Ricard. “It’s about getting through to leads—seeing how many calls are connecting, how long before we can get them on a demo, how long is spent on the phone to them, etcetera.”

For Ricard to have oversight of this, the Aircall dashboard has been invaluable. 

He explains, “It’s been super helpful with reporting. Before Aircall, if a sales agent called someone for five seconds, it would register as a call—but chances are, nobody would pick up in that time."

"Now, with Aircall, we avoid this confusion and can see how many calls are made, how long our agents are waiting before they hang up, and much more. Really, it’s given us a great understanding of how effective and patient our team is.”

While Aircall is undoubtedly helpful in putting that picture together for CleanCloud, what’s helping to drive productivity and efficiency is the platform’s features and integrations.

“Aircall’s integration with HubSpot is great,” says Ricard. “The CRM is our be-all and end-all, and the link with Aircall is one of the biggest reasons we signed up. We’re all about streamlining things and connecting the dots between every part of the journey. This integration does exactly that and means that when we call reports from both, they match up and we can get granular activity insights.”

The HubSpot integration is one-way Aircall is making life easier for the sales team, but the benefits don’t stop there.

“Aircall is so easy to use,” says Ricard. “Even with the Chrome extension, you see a green number, you click on it and it rings, while the flexibility of creating users or directing traffic to support or sales makes things even simpler.”

This even extends to how the CleanCloud team now approaches their hybrid working policy.

As Ricard explains: “Through the Aircall dashboard, we’ve been able to spot what balance of days in the office and days at home works best. We’ve seen that two days at home and three in the office is optimum for the sales team and leads to the best performance. It’s thanks to Aircall that we’ve found that balance.”

Taking the Hassle Out of SaaS

With Aircall, CleanCloud is able to make things as convenient for their customers as possible. In the world of laundry and tailoring services, stress can come from the multiple orders there are to track—not to mention the sentimental value the customers place on the items.

But through their partnership with Aircall, CleanCloud can make their customers’ lives easier and help them grow their business and stay in control. This comes down to the level of customer insight, service, and satisfaction that Ricard and his team deliver with Aircall.

As he explains, “Aircall is helping us streamline processes and create less friction in the day-to-day minutiae of roles. Since we’ve started using it, we’ve not looked back. Put simply—it’s one of the best decisions we’ve made.”

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