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Carpet Court Australia Reaches ‘Zero Downtime’ With Aircall and BAC Partners

Carpet Court Australia Reaches ‘Zero Downtime’ With Aircall and BAC Partners



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The best business outcomes are achieved through collaboration. That was the thinking when BAC Partners referred Carpet Court, Australia’s largest retail floor covering specialists to Aircall.

Carpet Court Australia (Carpet Court) chose Aircall in combination with BAC Partners (BAC) to set up their IT infrastructure to be fit for the future of work, whatever that might look like - whether that includes remote work flexibility, strong, responsive IVRs or changing the way they’re able to provide services.

Besides being one of Australia’s leading Customer Experience Management experts, BAC is also an affiliated Aircall Partner. BAC has been instrumental in assisting Carpet Court Australia with advice, planning and implementing Aircall as a unique business solution.  Now with BAC’s expertise and Aircall’s cloud phone, Mark Hogan, Carpet Court’s CFO, has achieved ‘zero downtime’, while winning back 20% of the time which had been lost to maintenance, configuration and daily team admin.

Carpet Court Australia (Carpet Court)

Carpet Court is Australia’s largest retail floor covering specialist, with over 200 franchise networks and 170 franchisee members. Their reputation is built on years of experience fitting and servicing a diverse range of floorings.

The Challenge

Carpet Court, like every business in 2020, was affected by the drastic change in business following COVID-19. They wanted to future-proof themselves and build an IT tech stack that was robust and built for an unpredictable future. A tech stack that was flexible, reliable, and future-focused.

Carpet Court had a unique need to restructure its interactive voice response systems (IVRs) to ensure their franchisee members were reaching the right person in their National Support Centre, quickly and correctly. Carpet Court also required a zero downtime phone solution, to enable a more detailed understanding of the conversations and interactions with franchisees. This was due to a poor experience with their previous phone supplier, caused by poor connectivity issues.

“There was a point where 20% of my time was trying to chase down why we were getting these dropouts and these connectivity issues over the phone. That was a nightmare. We never got to the bottom of it and now, with Aircall, that issue is gone. We have never had that issue with Aircall. So since last November when we cut over, no dropouts, we have never had a problem.”
— Mark Hogan, CFO, Carpet Court Australia

The Objectives

Building a reliable and consistent IT stack

Carpet Court was aware of a need to restructure its interactive voice response systems (IVRs) to ensure members reach the right person quickly and efficiently.

Underperforming and limited infrastructure

Carpet Court needed a ‘zero downtime’ cloud phone solution - one that enables a detailed understanding of the conversations and phone interactions being had with franchise members.

The Solution

Considering Carpet Court’s current situation and growth ambitions, BAC Partners saw a business need for a scalable and simple yet robust phone solution. Here they brought on Aircall as a powerful and efficient solution to help build Carpet Court’s tech stack to be prepared for the future. 

At a time when efficiency is more important than ever, Carpet Court were delighted with the speedy implementation of Aircall. The collaboration between BAC Partners and Aircall meant that Carpet Court experienced no downtime.

While Aircall’s various features enabled Carpet Court to streamline workflows and become more productive, the company also leveraged the robust Salesforce integration to enrich its franchisee and staff experiences. Connecting Aircall to Salesforce was done with one click, allowing the team to make and receive calls directly from the Aircall app within Salesforce.

The Benefits of Aircall

Faster Member resolution

Aircall lets Carpet Court set up an IVR that helps Franchisee members find the right service and connect with the right people.

Salesforce Integration

Carpet Court is now able to connect Aircall to Salesforce in one click and make and receive phone calls directly from the Aircall app within Salesforce.

Flexibility and future growth

Carpet Court is able to account for and plan for future growth thanks to Aircall’s countless features and integrations.

The Partnership

It’s hard to overemphasise the importance of having a dedicated partner on hand to steer in the right decision—and that’s exactly what BAC Partners did for Carpet Court, as Hogan testifies:

“The BAC Team was really pragmatic in providing advice and feedback and steering us in the right direction. These great partners will ask a lot of questions, test your assumptions and try to figure out how you got to that answer.” 
— Mark Hogan, CFO, Carpet Court Australia

The Right Choice for Carpet Court 

Aircall is designed to cater to whatever phase your business finds itself in. When BAC Partners introduced Carpet Court to Aircall, they were on a journey to become more efficient.

Aircall’s ‘zero hardware’ and ‘maximum integrations’ ethos makes it easy to scale efficiency and team sizes, without impacting Carpet Court’s business continuity, sales performance or customer support delivery.

In fact, Carpet Court was not only able to scale teams without disruption with Aircall but the adoption of the platform also moved the dial on productivity and performance as a standard.

“Everybody’s using Aircall now. I have my Salesforce integration turned on and it’ll be optimised in the future to support a new way of working that just wasn't possible before.“
— Mark Hogan, CFO, Carpet Court Australia

Thanks to Aircall channel partner BAC, who led a fast and smooth Aircall implementation, Carpet Court quickly got Aircall up and running as a seamless addition to their wider IT and CRM infrastructure.

Throughout implementation, BAC played a key collaborative role with advising and careful, practical planning. All in all, this Aircall, BAC, and Carpet Court collaboration was a textbook and common example of Aircall’s rapid, ‘plug-and-play’ implementation, regardless of industry and IT infrastructure.

Aircall's easy-to-use interface, 100+ smart workflow integrations, and lightning-fast setup make it simple for companies like Carpet Court to adopt and experience the value quickly. 

“Aircall is a powerful tool and significantly impacts our business. It’s very simple and efficient.”
—  Mark Hogan, CFO, Carpet Court Australia

Not to mention, Carpet Court was able to choose a solution that was perfectly suited to their needs. If this case study resonates with you, take a look at Aircall’s starter bundles which are packed with features that will help you prepare your business for the future.

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