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Tool4staffing is an HR & Recruiting tool powered by AI. It is an ATS tool for sector in tension.

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Use the call button on your Tool4staffing dashboard to easily call a candidate with the Aircall phone.
Use the call button on your Tool4staffing dashboard to easily call a candidate with the Aircall phone.
Call directly from a contact page with Aircall thanks to the button available on the top right corner.
When calling a number, insight cards will automatically be displayed and show you useful details on your contact. This will help you having more efficient calls.

The mission of Tool4staffing is to reinvent relationship between recruiters and candidates and hire the best of them. With the innovative features developed, (Matching, Automation, immersive portal, Chatbot, etc.) the tool allows thousands of recruiters to find the best candidates for tensioned sectors. Tool4staffing can be used by small, medium or large enterprises and even recruiting agencies.

Tool4staffing + Aircall: key benefits:

With the Aircall and Tool4staffing integration, synchronised inbound and outbound calls within your ATS. Use the call logging and insight cards features to access easily candidates files and let you and your teams win time for better conversations.

Synchronize your calls directly from your ATS Tool4Staffing

With the Aircall integration on your ATS dashboard you will find a call button to access directly to your candidates profiles and contact details. The integration also keeps track of all of your calls and interactions with candidates.

Insight cards

When receiving an inbound call or about to get a outbound call, you will see an insight card popping. This will display the latest information on your candidate (last action, job role, status etc.) and also on your contact details. This will help you having easier conversation. Finally, take in real time notes on your conversation and keep track of them on Tool4staffing.


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