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Onepilot allows you to forward your clients’ calls into your call center on your platform. The calls are routed to the right agents for the

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Onepilot makes Customer Care Outsourcing simple and flexible.

E-merchants use Onepilot in the most flexible way to handle all or part of their customer support.

Powered with Onepilot tech, our agents turn into support agents and efficiently solve all kinds of tickets for our clients, across all channels: chat, mail, phone or social networks.

App overview

Onepilot handles all its customer’s support, while maintaining a high-level of quality, 24/7 at competitive rates. We believe in technology, and this is why we empower our support agents with our proprietary tech to give them some superpowers. A perfect combination of human & technology is what makes us magic and how we ensure consistent high-quality. Aircall’s integration for Onepilot empowers our support agents to be more efficient and to increase their productivity.

Onepilot Benefits

Our platform, equipped with a call center, allows our agents to respond to end-customer requests without delay. We guarantee 24/7 availability with experienced agents who are trained in the specificities of our customers.

Routed & redirected calls

Calls are automatically routed and redirected to the correct agents via our call center. This helps reduce missed calls and provide adequate and complete responses.

Waiting queue

The queue allows end-customers to wait quietly while having transparency on the estimated waiting time and to be reassured that an agent is about to take their call.


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