Enables your teams to use existing Aircall phone numbers to text with customers.

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Chat - Collaborate on messages as a team.
Chat - Collaborate on messages as a team.
List -  Increase sales velocity with targeted messages.
SMS Drip Campaigns - Stay engaged with customers over time.
Web widget - Engage with customers from anywhere.
Automations - Send timely updates with automations.
Integrations - Integrated with over 1K apps.

Heymarket is a customer engagement messaging platform for teams. Teams get shared inboxes for messaging with customers, who never have to install an app and communicate from the channels they prefer: SMS, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, Line, and WhatsApp.

Heymarket provides fast, reliable, and personalized messaging from both a web and mobile app. Employees stay productive with business grade productivity features such as templates, assignments, scheduled messages, and more. Administrators get enterprise grade controls such as roles and permissions, built in reports, custom fields, and integrations such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Zendesk, and Slack.

About the Integration

Heymarket’s integration with Aircall enables teams to use existing Aircall phone numbers to text with customers.

Customer service teams can leverage shared inboxes, templates, and auto replies to answer customer questions. Sales team members can quickly and automatically follow up with leads to improve sales funnel conversion rates. Like Aircall, Heymarket is available on both web and mobile apps, so team members can both call and text customers on-the-go.

Key Benefits

Employee/Agent Productivity

Once a business enables messaging, the volume of interactions will dramatically increase. Heymarket provides the necessary productivity features so that customer service, operations, and sales teams can stay organized while messaging with customers.

Shared Inbox

A shared inbox empowers teams to send and receive all of their customer messages within a single, centralized location. Assignments and Private Comments - team members can assign chats to themselves or another team member and leave private comments to collaborate around customer messages.

Increase Sales Velocity

Heymarket enables salespeople to reach leads with targeted, customized messages that can yield up to 50% reply rates.

Mass Texts

With the help of templates, team members can easily send mass texts to lists of people who they’ve recently communicated with and need to follow up with.

SMS Drip Campaigns

Similar to email drip campaigns, SMS drip campaigns are sequences of messages that teams can plan out on a specific schedule or after specific triggers.

Automate Workflows with Messaging

Operations teams can automate cumbersome, manual workflows with messaging.


Further streamline your communications by sending SMS, update contacts, or add contacts to lists based on various triggers. For example, your team can set up an automatic reply based on the keyword in a message.

Enterprise Grade Security and Administration

Heymarket was designed to keep a business’ most valuable information - their customer conversations - secure while messaging.


Allow for tracking not only usage, but linking messaging usage to department KPIs.

Roles and Permissions

Control who in each department has access to which customer messages.


Sync contacts with and log messages to your CRM (Salesforce, HubSpot) and customers service platform (Zendesk, Help Scout). Heymarket also brings SMS to internal productivity tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams.


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