How Skurt Communicates with Customers with Aircall and Front

Miruna MitranescuLast updated on January 2, 2024
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Skurt is a logistics platform which allows one to easily grab a car, and drive. The app lets users order a rental car to their address at the time of their choosing. It cuts out many pain points known to traditional rental car services: waiting in line, shoddy customer service, etc. Here’s how Skurt uses Aircall and Front to better serve its users.

Skurt is a fast growing startup. In a year and a half it went from the founders taking orders and delivering cars to a fully fledged business which operates in four cities and serves more and more customers a day.

Skurt has a habit of seeking and using cutting edge services to grow its business. In order to optimize communication with customers and making sure to keep them happy at any given time, they use Aircall and Front.


We had the chance to talk to Danny Severance, Head of the Customer Experience team at Skurt. Here’s what he told us.

Skurt’s use of Aircall

The company’s customer experience team is based in Los Angeles at the headquarters. The team deals with customers all day long, providing support and managing the customer lifecycle and journey.

“We manage all the customer communications and work closely by collaborating with pretty much all the other departments,”

explains Danny.

The customer service team uses multiple channels of communication to support customers and for them the phone channel is key. In addition, they use email, text messages, and direct conversations with the other teams in order to improve customer service. In Danny’s own words:

“We use the phone a lot.”

The customer experience team is composed of six people who use Aircall on a daily basis, along with Front: email collabortion tool as well as the integration of Aircall and Front.

Besides the customer experience team, Aircall’s business phone system is used by the dispatch team to communicate with the delivery agents. However, this implementation is at its early stages so there is not much data to exploit.

Skurt uses Aircall for its nimbleness

As a company, Skurt is always looking for newer, cutting edge tools to use. In this respect, Danny adds:

“Aircall empowers clients to be nimble and its call center software is really easy to set up – in one click . You can use pretty much everywhere where there is an internet connection, on a computer or smartphone, which is very handy.”

For Danny, Aircall’s business phone system is very convenient for remote teams, for instance, or teams that travel a lot and need to be reached on mobile, without of course, the burden of giving away their personal number. In his experience as a manager, it’s also easy to train teammates on Aircall, as the product is very easy to install and start using.

In Danny’s own words:

“As a manager, you don’t need to worry about allocating time and resources to training your team to use Aircall. Hardware isn’t a concern either, as the phone software is very easy to install.”

Indeed, with Aircall, working remotely is effortless, and the product adapts to your team’s needs. Its versatile business phone solution doesn’t require any hardware to install or set up.

Aircall is also a truly scalable solution. Whether you’re a SaaS company or not, the product has the flexibility to seamlessly accompany the growth of your team. There is no cost to add or remove users.

Moreover, the analytics feature within Aircall is used on a daily basis as the team tries to learn trends through the day, the weeks, different holidays, everything. As every manager, Danny’s goal is to learn how he can become more productive every day.

Front: Inbox for teams

In order to ensure seamless communication with customers, Skurt’s team also uses Front, an inbox for teams.

“We integrate our Aircall solution into Front to centralize all of our communication.”

Besides the phone channel, the cx team uses emails and text messages to communicate to users. All of these channels are directly accessed within Front.

“Front has the look and feel of simple email with added collaboration features. It is very intuitive and easy to learn so our team is up and running in no time,”

explains Danny.

“Front gives us one place for all of our communication. Team members can assign conversations, leave comments, and use @mentions to collaborate before responding to a customer,”

Danny continues.

Front also integrates with several third party systems so that organizations can access contextual information and sync work with those systems while inside of their conversations. Skurt has used the Front’s API to integrate their custom billing management system in order to cut down on the inefficiency of going back and forth between different tools.

Danny goes on to point out,

“Front is great because we can monitor all communication channels in one place we can ensure that we respond to customer as close to real time as possible.”

The integration of Aircall and Front

Making team collaboration easy is a staple for both Aircall and Front. This is why Skurt uses Aircall’s integration with Front on a daily basis.


“We have Aircall and Front integrated right now, and for each call placed through Aircall, we get a message sent to our Front inbox. Using the integration and having this visibility with the recording attached to it is super useful for reference,”

Danny points out.

In fact, it’s crucial for the customer experience team to see the incoming calls in Aircall’s web app, and also to be able to search in Front for older calls. The team’s leader is able to see in real time who’s taking a call in the Aircall web app, to search and listen to the calls easily within Front.

The recording feature comes in handy when new team members need to be onboarded and trained on the business.

“I find this feature very useful as I do a lot of training. At Skurt, we are focused on providing a great phone experience,”

Danny explains.

Published on October 24, 2016.

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