5 Benefits of Call and Voicemail Transcription for Customer Support Teams

Emily GregorLast updated on January 2, 2024
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Aircall’s AI-powered call and voicemail transcription features can revolutionize your support work, turning audio into text just moments after you’ve made a call or received a voicemail. This means your support team will always have the information they need at hand, leading to considerably better customer service. 

Your customers are, after all, critical to the success of your business. Thanks to Aircall’s call and voicemail transcription features, your customer support teams can spend less time writing up calls, note-taking, or listening to recordings and focus instead on providing the best customer support possible. Here are five of the top benefits that call and voicemail transcription features can provide for your customer support teams. 

The Benefits of Call and Voicemail Transcription for Customer Support

Improved customer experience

Call and voicemail transcription features can improve customer experience by giving your support team considerably more time to focus on what they do best. It’s also easier for support teams to browse through transcriptions and organize recordings than to spend hours listening to audio in the hope of finding a key piece of information. Because agents can find all the information they need faster, wait times can be cut and the overall customer experience can be improved. 

Streamlined workflows

Without the right tools, your support team can spend hours transcribing calls and voicemail messages. Aircall’s transcription features drastically reduce the time required to write up calls, letting your support team skip a step and move straight on to help another customer. By eliminating the need to listen to each message separately, call transcription makes it simple to scan a call and identify urgent action items and next steps.

Increased productivity

Call and voicemail transcription gives time back to your employees—and not just when it comes to calls themselves. Your business can onboard team members faster by using Aircall’s transcription features, with real-world examples and organized playlists helping you to cut onboarding time while also providing ongoing training for more seasoned support team members. 

Multilingual support

Aircall currently provides automatic transcription services in English and French. Spanish and German transcription services will also be rolled out in the near future, providing your business with even greater multilingual support that can provide the backbone of comprehensive global customer services. 

Analyze customer feedback

Call and voicemail transcription isn’t just about making life better for customers—it makes a huge difference to employees as well. It’s particularly useful when it comes to analyzing calls and customer feedback, providing the ability to use transcriptions to discover where your employees excel or struggle when providing support. In turn, this can empower you to identify training requirements, product improvements, and opportunities for delivering better customer service in the future.  

How to Implement Call & Voicemail Transcription Technology for Customer Support

All these benefits can change the way your business operates for the better, but there are plenty of choices out there when it comes to call and voicemail transcription services, so how do you choose the right one?

Don’t worry—we’ve got your back. Here are some of the questions you should consider when it comes to selecting the right voicemail transcription technology for your business: 

  • What do you intend to use call or voicemail transcription for?

  • Which features are most important to your business? For example, rapid AI-powered transcription, integration with your phone system, or multilingual support. 

  • How many people at your business will use the system?

  • How much is your budget?

Answering these questions can help you narrow down your options. It’s important to recognize that your transcription service shouldn’t be a standalone solution. To deliver the most value in terms of efficiency and experience, it should connect with or, ideally, be built into the wider customer support technologies your team uses—particularly your phone system, given this is the source of your audio recordings.

Best Practices: Getting the Most Out of Aircall’s Call & Voicemail Transcription Features

It’s clear that call and voicemail transcription features can save your customer support team a lot of time when it comes to writing up calls—but the benefits also go deeper. 

Just follow our best practices below to get the most out of Aircall’s call and voicemail transcription technology. 

  • Use call and voicemail transcriptions for training: Call and voicemail transcription features provide your company with an almost-instant log of calls and voicemails, providing transparency when it comes to the performance of your support team. Use these transcripts as real-world examples to boost the performance of your team.  

  • Pay attention to what your customers are saying: Using Aircall’s call and voicemail transcription technology, everything that your customers have to say is written up for you automatically. This makes it easy to monitor customer feedback, take action on urgent needs, and learn from missteps. 

  • Use time savings to provide better customer support: Call and voicemail transcription features make it easier to understand the content of recordings, and it’s also faster to browse, find, and organize recordings. As a result, your customer support team will have far more time to spend on more productive tasks, such as providing your customers with more comprehensive support.  

  • Keep track of transcriptions using to-do lists or history: Calls and voicemails are automatically recorded and transcribed, so your business always has everything it needs to keep track of all your customer interactions in one place. You can see all your transcripts in to-do lists and call history and you can also search by number or contact to bring up any previous transcripts. 

Improve Your Customer Support Team Today

The benefits of Aircall’s call and voicemail transcription features are clear to see, helping your support team avoid hours of writing and listening back to audio and instead enabling them to focus on providing more value to your organization and creating a stronger customer experience. Meanwhile, multilingual support can transform how you track and respond to customer calls around the world. 

It’s not just about saving time and streamlining your business, either. Your calls and voicemails are a coaching gold mine, but it’s not humanly possible to listen to them all. Aircall’s call and voicemail transcription features transcribe and analyze calls for you, enabling you to better train reps and deliver world-class customer experiences.

In short, greater productivity, better global customer experiences, and faster onboarding can all be enabled with the help of AI-powered transcription. What’s not to like?

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Published on April 17, 2023.

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