Is Salesforce Predicting the Future? Our Take on Dreamforce 2016

AircallLast updated on January 2, 2024
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Looking forward to 2017 already and Salesforce Einstein could be a big part of it…

For the 14th year the largest software event in the world has made its appearance in San Francisco. The highly anticipated tech conference Dreamforce, has per-usual continues to awe us, bringing in over 170,000 attendees, and Aircall was thrilled to take part!


Salesforce Einstein – this year’s AI breakthrough

Dreamforce gave Salesforce an opportunity to unveil this year’s featured technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning: a way for companies to allow those of us who are not “data geniuses” to use predictive analytics. Salesforce Einstein uses breakthrough AI capabilities for marketing, sales, service and more, empowering companies to deliver a more tailored customer experience. As a result, businesses are able to better serve their customers over time.

#Salesforce unveiled this year’s featured #technology #AI and #MachineLearning #SalesforceEinstein #DF16

— Aircall (@aircall) 18 novembre 2016

A major topic at Dreamforce this year was one of the key features Salesforce Einstein offers,  predictive lead scoring (PLS). This AI powered application enables the categorization of leads through data in your system. PLS is able to detect the prospect’s history (e.g. industry, geographic location, if they viewed a demo) and based off of that write an email to be sent out to those who are qualified. Not only does the tool empower sales representatives to focus on closing leads instead of manually entering data, but it also prioritizes the highest valued leads to reach out to in order to close the best deals.

Is AI getting our hopes up?

It seems that the future of technology is underway with AI, but is there danger in getting our hopes up in what this technology can achieve?

Is #SalesforceEinstein ready for prime time, or is this more #AI hype? Some customers take the hybrid approach:

— Dan Ring (@DanRing3) 19 octobre 2016

Salesforce Einstein heavily relies on the data system. According to ZDnet, BeyondCore (an analytics tool acquired by Salesforce) correlations and patterns across data . However, on the other side, it requires large amount of data to be entered in the rows in order to deliver statistically reliable results. That means that Salesforce Einstein requires a lot of data in order to make the right automated decisions. The implications might not affect large businesses, however, small and midsized businesses may run into roadblocks when exploring this solution.

Dreamforce 2016 takeaways

Dreamforce was full of customers eager to try out Salesforce Einstein with hopes that it will help them in all realms of their business. Salesforce is differentiating itself from other companies investing in AI by stressing Salesforce Einstein’s simple implementation. Unlike its competitors, Salesforce claims that it’s AI tool will eliminate the need for expensive data scientists and will be easy for everyone to use. Only the future will tell if Salesforce successfully succeeded as customers test out the new features.

  • Predictive lead scoring can align your sales team while freeing up their time for things that matter like closing

  • Salesforce Einstein requires a large amount of data storage, if you’re a small your company you might have to explore other options for your AI

  • There aren’t enough data scientists to go around but the fight over them may be over

In conclusion, Dreamforce 2016 was a great place to be! We were happy to participate and sponsor this awesome event! Take a look at our Salesforce integration as well as salesforce-aircall video tutorial. You can have your Aircall – Salesforce integration up and running in no time. Meanwhile,

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Published on November 10, 2016.

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