8 Call Metrics Every Sales Manager Should Keep an Eye On

Toucan TocoLast updated on January 2, 2024
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Having fast and easy access to data is a real game changer: It provides your teams with precise information about the impact of their strategies.

The right technology and the right sales acumen will make your sales team unstoppable.

We’ve got a lot of experience helping SDR managers understand their team’s performance through numbers, so we’ve short-listed the eight metrics our clients and partners (and our own sales teams!) find the most useful.

8 Essential Sales Call Metrics

1. Number of Calls Per Day

Get a birds’ eye view of the activity of your sales teams: This broad KPI will allow you to get a sense of how busy your team has been before you dig in deeper.

2. Average Duration of Calls Per Day

Depending on your market and on the product or service you sell, longer or shorter phone calls can mean different things. Once you define your baseline, it can be very insightful to spot specific calls that go beyond or below a specific threshold.

3. Number of Incoming Vs. Outgoing Calls

Has your team been busy handling incoming requests? Then you’re probably very good at generating interest through your marketing. Have they been making cold calls? Give them a pat on the back!

4. Active Users/Total Number of Users

Knowing how many of your sales representatives are currently using the Aircall app can help you contextualize the metrics above according to the number of calls/total users ratio.

5. Number and Duration of Calls Per Team

Don’t stop at global figures: Analyzing call figures per team or subteam can allow you to pinpoint the cause of a rise or drop in calls and you’ll be able to offer help when needed and where needed.

6. Number and Duration of Calls Per Tag

At Toucan, we believe that the most effective categorizations are the ones that are tailored to your company’s activity. This is why you can personalize your tags according to the classification that is the most relevant to your business: according to the type of calls (discovery, demo, etc.) or strategic priorities (SMB, big accounts, etc.). This will make this metric particularly informative and useful to you.

7. Number and Duration of Calls Per User

Spot the overachievers on your team through a heatmap of call length and volume by user. This is an important metric for you to manage sales representatives at an individual level.

8. Number of Outgoing Calls Answered Per Time of Day

Is there a time slot that works best with customers? Raise the efficiency of your outbound calls with actionable information that tells your teams what works, and what doesn’t.

To learn more about data-driven storytelling, download our eBook created in collaboration with Toucan Toco, a modern business insights platform committed to the belief that data has to be coupled with an intuitive user experience to generate actionable insights.

Published on July 25, 2022.

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