Introducing The Revamped Aircall Zendesk Integration

Camelia VialletLast updated on January 2, 2024
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Regardless of your industry, your customers are your business’ first priority. Aside from bringing in revenue, your customers also give your organization its direction. Through feedback, suggestions, and their behavior, customers give you cues on how you can satisfy their needs. Therefore, it’s fundamental that your customers know that you understand and value them.

To keep your finger on your customers’ pulse, you probably already use a Customer Service Software (help desk) tool on a daily basis. Help desks are an invaluable business tool for both sales and support teams, who need to be aware of the status of every lead and support ticket in progress.

Even better than having a Customer Service Software is having an integrated help desk. An integrated help desk works in tandem with another one of your business tools, such as your phone system software. Integrating your business tools has a number of advantages, both for your customers and for your business.

A unified interface

Reliable and flexible call center software is a priority for any business. The next level is to have this call center software integrate with your Customer Service Software, thus allowing you to keep track of all calls and client information in one place.

Our revamped integration with Zendesk embeds your Aircall app within your help desk interface. You can access it quickly and smoothly, without having to switch back and forth between platforms. This prevents information duplication, dual processes, and fosters data automation. You will gather more information and data in Zendesk, while still having full use of Aircall’s features and complete analytics.

Enhanced efficiency

With Aircall working hand in hand with Zendesk, you will be able to get all of your contact information in one single interface. Consequently, when you receive a call from a client whose data is already in your database, their info will pop on your screen before you pick up. This gives every agent the context and intelligence required to make the most out of every client interaction. Every conversation counts, and being well-informed from the start can make all the difference.

Real-time activity alerts will also make for a smoother and more flexible workflow within Zendesk. Your Zendesk groups and users even sync with Aircall so that you can automatically assign your missed calls to anyone in your team. Even better, you can pick which group or user to assign to a missed call for a specific number.

An integration that caters to your needs

As your agents get better at alotting their time and managing customer relations, their increased efficiency will result in a reduction of costs. For instance, the tags and comments you add to calls in Aircall automatically sync to Zendesk. Moreover, all of your numbers might not be for your Support team : you have the ability to pick which phone numbers to link to your Zendesk integration. You can thus define your preferences in your Aircall dashboard to obtain a tailor-made streamlined business process.

Zendesk integration settings page in Aircall

Aircall and Zendesk work together to offer a fundamental integration that will soon become a staple for your organization.

Need help setting up your integration? Check out this Aircall-Zendesk article in our help center!

Why choose Aircall + Zendesk ?

You might be wondering why choose the Aircall – Zendesk integration? Well, here is a quick comparison of the features our integration, Zendesk Talk and TalkDesk are offering.


And if you are still not convinced…

Juan Abella, Client Services Director at HiPay, implemented Aircall as a call center solution for his company over a year ago to improve the overall customer service experience.

Here’s what he has to say about the revamped Zendesk integration:

“Since we have more than 20 phone lines to manage, it has been a true relief having our Aircall / Zendesk integration do most of the work for us. Our tickets are now automatically organized and assigned to the right person and calls are handled much more quickly.

We gained both in time & productivity and above all our clients have noticed the difference. The handling of their requests is much more streamlined and professional. The integration setup was simple & straight-forward: there was no need to create triggers in Zendesk as Aircall does the job for us.

As M. Abella states,

At HiPay, we appreciate that Aircall integrates with services like Zendesk and Salesforce

Published on March 15, 2017.

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