Aircall Desk CTI Gets a Revamped CTI Integration with Aircall

Camelia VialletLast updated on January 2, 2024
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A help desk is necessary to any company wishing to streamline their customer support processes. As a tool, it addresses all support and assistance needs and helps your support team handle customer requests.However, taking down every customer’s information in the midst of a call can be a hassle. That’s why Aircall integrates with help desk solutions – like as a CTI – to simplify the lives of your support agents.

Why having a your call center software integrate for your help desk is the way to go

79% of customers still prefer phone conversation for customer support, so it’s crucial to provide exemplary phone support. Integrating your help desk with your phone system software also has a number of advantages, both for your customers and for your business. Our mission is to add value to your phone channel through powerful integrations that connect our phone system to your essential business tools, such as CTI with Aircall : a unified interface

All of your customer interactions are referenced in your help desk. Our new integration allows you to access the Aircall app within the regular interface. For instance, Desk syncs with Aircall so that you can choose which group or user should receive an incoming call on a given number. This way, you don’t have to juggle multiple apps and windows; you will find all the necessary information in one place, and can focus on delighting customers.

Aircall integration within

Better monitoring and tracking

When you receive a call in the Aircall app within, a case is automatically created and labelled. There are four possible labels to get you started :

  1. Aircall

  2. Number that the client called

  3. Answered | Unanswered

  4. Inbound | Outbound

Qualified cases will give you more precise analytics and better tracking of your customer support team’s activities. Find out how many calls you’ve missed or which numbers get the most calls, and adjust your processes accordingly.

Quicker problem resolution

Our integration with also improves the quality of your customer service. Indeed, when you receive an incoming call, the caller’s information will automatically pop up on your screen. As a result, agents are informed of the context of a client’s previous issues and fully grasp what’s at stake.

Once you pick up the phone, a case opens on your screen and you are then free to take notes during the call so that you do not miss any information. These improvements cut down your problem resolution time, thus improving your brand’s image and reputation.

A tailor-made integration set-up

When it comes to customer service processes, there is no “one size fits all” solution. This is why we choose to put the ball in your court when it comes to setting up your integration. All of your numbers in Aircall might not be for your Support team : you have the ability to pick which phone numbers to link to your integration. Our goal is to help you provide top-tier customer service and maintain long-lasting relationships with your customers. advanced settings in Aircall

As it can mesh so well with the intricacies of your workflow, Aircall & CTI is a fundamental integration for your business.

Feel free to check out our help center article to get a hand setting up our Aircall & CTI phone integration.

And if you are still not convinced…

Zayyad Mohamed, Head of Customer Support at Leetchi, implemented Aircall as a phone system solution for his company over a year ago to improve the overall customer service experience.

Here’s what he has to say about the revamped integration:

“Aircall’s revamped integration with has brought us a lot more flexibility & has made our customer service significantly better.
For instance, when a client calls us we now immediately see his calling history and can provide him with targeted, tailor-made support. This makes a tremendous difference to our clients and my team has gained both in productivity and efficiency.”

Published on March 30, 2017.

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