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How To Superpower Your Support Using Call Surveys and Conversation Reviews

Laurah MwirichiaLast updated on January 2, 2024
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Customer support agents are masters of multitasking. Responding to a customer, while pulling up information, Slacking a coworker for advice, and preparing to wrap it all up in an email is no easy feat.

But regardless of how smooth we can get at keeping all our plates spinning, we are prone to making mistakes and second-guessing ourselves. This is especially the case with phone conversations, which happen right at the moment. Without editing or proofreading as you can with an email or chat, what’s done is done.

…Or is it?

Collecting Customer Feedback

Active Listening for Sales

Delivering an excellent customer experience naturally depends on understanding what your customers want, and being able to deliver it. Knowing and reacting to your customer’s history and past experiences with your company can be the difference between an individualized experience and a middling one.

However, getting verbal feedback from customers over the phone can be challenging for a number of reasons. For one thing, it’s awkward for most people to try and solicit feedback during a phone call. People may be too shy or polite to give an honest assessment while still talking to an agent.

Additionally, verbal feedback is inherently difficult to track and measure. Having to go back and repeatedly listen to each phone call, or otherwise make sure all the feedback is accurately written down and recorded is inherently time-consuming. Worst of all, scaling that feedback- especially over the phone- gets increasingly harder as your team, and your customers grow.

But how can you grow and scale while getting reliable and timely feedback?

This is the issue that Nicereply decided to solve for customer support teams everywhere. Nicereply integrates with Aircall to take your after call feedback process to the next level. A survey is automatically generated and sent to the customer after the call, letting you wrap up without ever leaving your platform.

This ability to tailor the type of survey to a customer based on the phone call is crucial. Sending out a generic “what do you think about our new feature?” survey to a customer who just got off the phone with you complaining about said feature isn’t a good customer experience. Even if you managed to address their concerns and resolve their issues on the call, that follow up would feel impersonal and detached.

Having insight into your customer’s experience, and following it up with a personalized survey is one of the best ways to get timely feedback that is scalable, measurable and actionable.

Encouraging Conversation Reviews

In recent years, the importance of Quality Assurance, especially in the form of Conversation Reviews, has taken the CX world by storm. So much depends on having a strong Customer Support and Success team, that leaving it to chance can be disastrous to a company, especially in a competitive landscape.

While we know that getting feedback from our customers is vital to our growth, one area that can often go underutilized is the feedback coming from within our own company.

The realm of CX can be especially ruthless when it comes to retaining customers. Just one bad experience can escalate into negative reviews, churned customers and lost revenue. That’s why making sure your whole team is on board with providing excellent and consistent customer experiences across the board is essential.

So how can you make sure that happens?

Conversation Reviews

Conversation reviews involve gathering up phone recordings, chats, and emails between customer support agents and customers. A CX or QA manager then scores this information against selected metrics. Some teams also opt to add the results of customer response surveys including Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT), and Customer Effort Score (CES) to help give a fuller picture of the interactions.

All these performance insights are vital to making sure that everyone is on the same page, and that you’re delivering quality service to your customers. However, scaling conversation reviews in growing teams can get complicated.

Trying to sift through countless phone calls, chats, and emails is a nightmare. Having to score each one by hand (or worse, an Excel sheet) is a nightmare. And as that workload becomes more messy and intensive, so does the growing reluctance of anyone who is assigned to do it.

That’s why it’s essential to have the right processes in place to track useful feedback that can help your team improve. More CX teams have started to use tools like Klaus that simplify the process of QA, making the entire system seamless, trackable, and actionable.

conversation reviews

Klaus lets you pull your phone conversations and score them all at once- using the standards you set for your team. This means that the days of sifting through each individual QA metric, on every single phone call, over countless hours is over.

Best of all, Klaus integrates with Aircall, giving you even deeper insight into each call, and keeping your QA workflow streamlined.

Transforming Teamwork

Superheroes do better when they team up, and this goes double for your support tools. Aircall, Nicereply, and Klaus let you integrate your QA workflow start to finish. From the time an agent picks up the phone, to when a customer receives a survey, and ultimately, how you review the data and interactions.

When these insights interact, you get a fantastic mix of extraordinary abilities. You can scale without breaking, implement changes, improve metrics, and know what’s best for your customers. Using this knowledge to supercharge your team, helps prepare them to perform to the best of their abilities.

Published on May 21, 2019.

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