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4 Ways Aircall Can Save Your Business $219K

Steph SmithLast updated on January 2, 2024
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Business executives have always been concerned with maximizing the productivity and efficiency of their teams and improving the financial performance of the company. Yet, in light of the highly competitive market and challenging economic environment, executives are now relentlessly looking to cut costs. 

But executives are smart people. They know they can’t simply cease some activities, remove certain tools, or lay off staff and expect there to be no negative impact on performance. Instead, top executives know that they need to make strategic decisions that improve efficiency and manage costs in such a way that provides a worthwhile return on investment (ROI).

A key step in this process is analyzing and optimizing business resources. In this day and age, one of the most critical subcategories of resources is, of course, the tools and technologies that your teams use to execute their roles—one of which is your business phone system.

So what’s the current state of your business phone system? Is it an efficiency driver or a budget drainer? Amidst mass layoffs and budget cuts, there is no room for the latter. Instead, companies are increasingly realizing the ways in which their current systems are holding them back and beginning to explore (and benefit from) how far business phone solutions like Aircall have come in the last few years.

A Forrester Consulting study found that, by implementing Aircall’s cloud-based phone solution, businesses experienced a 373% ROI. Moreover, they saw a hugely beneficial $219.3K reduction in maintenance and calling costs over a three-year period.

To help you better understand how you can cut costs and maximize productivity, let’s explore four proven ways that Aircall has helped businesses save $2,000 per quarter.

Get set up in 3 minutes with our hardware-free solution

Remember when your house phone was attached to the wall in your hallway by a cable? Gone are the days! Many households no longer even have a landline and instead operate solely from mobile phones. Yet, for some reason, this shift has been less prominent in the business world.

In fact, many businesses are still using hardphones—otherwise known as desktop phones that are connected to networks using physical cables. However, hardphones present numerous disadvantages in this era of efficiency and cost-cutting.

First and foremost, these systems are very expensive. There is the cost to set up data centers, host them, and maintain them. Not to mention the telephony fees that come along with an on-premise solution. These costs are no longer viable, especially when there are alternatives that offer both reduced costs and enhanced productivity for your teams.

Aircall is 100% hardware-free. Our cloud-based phone solution can run on the devices your teams are already using—whether that’s a laptop or mobile phone. There are numerous benefits to this, including simple setup, low maintenance costs, greater integration with other business tools, and more streamlined workflows.

The Forrester Consulting study found that organizations that used a hardphone system prior to switching to Aircall experienced much higher service costs—requiring hours of additional time for implementation, maintenance, repair, and day-to-day reporting. The high costs and long service wait times that interviewees experienced with their hardphone providers represent some of their key motivations for initially investing in Aircall. Following the switch, customers experienced a $219.3K reduction in maintenance and calling costs.

One customer talked about how costly their previous hardphone provider was, stating: “For the initial provider we used, whenever there was an issue with the phones or we had a new hire starting, somebody from the phone company had to come to the office, and we were charged by the hour. We had to rent the equipment, and then we were charged for each minute. This especially made calls abroad quite expensive.”

This is not the case with Aircall. Our plug-and-play solution lives in the cloud with no hardware required—other than the devices that your team is already using, of course. You can use the desktop or mobile app, which makes it easy to set up, scale, and maintain.

Save $10k in three years with our scalable call bundles

Many businesses operate internationally, so their sales and customer support teams will need to be able to make calls around the world. This is a critical point to consider when scoping your business phone options, as with traditional phone systems (and even some softphone options), international calling costs can add up quickly.

It’s important to understand the call options when exploring vendors, as you don’t want the cost of calls to prevent your teams from winning deals or delivering the best customer service. This is especially critical if you plan to scale your agents and business.

The steep price for international calls from their previous hardphone system vendor was a highly discussed topic among organizations interviewed during the Forrester Consulting study. Since their sales and support agents needed to frequently call international customers, the per-minute phone call costs quickly added up.

When businesses switch to Aircall, they tend to experience a significant reduction in costs—from the cost of licenses and phone numbers to the cost of setup and maintenance. In particular, our call bundles offer a cost saving of $10,824 over three years and make it easy to scale your phone solution in line with your business needs.

One customer from a media company described their savings with Aircall, stating: “Once we switched over to these Aircall call packages that they offer, we did have significant savings. We were able to reduce our costs by around $2,000 a quarter, with very similar volume.”

Our call bundle costing options contribute to the total saving of $219.3K over three years. You can explore what return on investment you might expect by switching to Aircall using our ROI calculator here.

Reduce maintenance costs by over $100k

Particularly if your business still operates using hardphones, you’re likely experiencing high maintenance costs. These costs are necessary to ensure your hardphone continues to be fit for purpose. However, these costs are not necessary if you switch to a cloud-based phone solution.

It can be difficult to justify the ongoing maintenance costs for physical phone systems when there are great alternatives on the market. With Aircall, all information and data are stored in the cloud. This helps you save on costly maintenance and updates, as this is carried out directly in the cloud. This infrastructure is hugely beneficial as it saves you time and money and helps you significantly limit communication downtime.

The Forrester Consulting study found that businesses that implemented Aircall were able to reduce maintenance and calling costs by $1,300 per user. As your team grows, this saving per person becomes increasingly appealing. These cost savings also resulted in a total of $219.3K in reduced maintenance and calling costs over a three-year period.

Enhance efficiency and productivity by 20%

Efficiency as a means to better financial performance has been a strong trend for the last decade. Now, in the face of a challenging economic climate, executives are bringing this to the forefront of their growth strategies.

With this in mind, there is no longer room for the “this is the way it’s always been done” attitude. Instead, executives and business teams need to challenge current processes and tools to really understand whether the ROI is worthwhile.

This is certainly the case for business phone systems. Where once setting up a phone system took months and a large portion of the budget, it now takes as little as one day and at a significantly lower cost when you partner with Aircall. Where adding new users and phone numbers was previously a time-consuming and admin-heavy task, it can now be done with a few simple clicks on Aircall’s intuitive interface. Where maintenance and system updates were a slow and costly process, it’s now fast, simple, and cost-effective with Aircall, directly being carried out from the cloud.

Your teams can even boost productivity by 20% thanks to our wide range of practical communication and operational features. For example, a key benefit of using Aircall is our simple yet robust integration capabilities. The most popular? Our native integrations with CRMs like HubSpot, Salesforce, and Zendesk. With this feature, your teams can swap manual and time-consuming CRM tasks for automated, streamlined, and more accurate logging of relevant information.

CRM integrations only scratch the surface of what is possible with Aircall, so be sure to check out our 100+ strong integration marketplace—including Gong,, and Intercom— that allows team members to save up to eight minutes per call.

“We searched for a new solution that would help us scale the business. As a result of Aircall, we were able to increase bookings by 350% in one year.”  – Fernando Bueno, Regional Manager of Spain at Spotahome

Lastly, it’s important to point out that Aircall empowers team members on the frontline. Our easy-to-use interface enables teams to work autonomously. Nontechnical staff are able to operate the tool without the need for specialist support, which is especially great for SMBs that might have more limited resources and budgets.

All in all, streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency using our various features means businesses can reallocate time and money saved. This results in a more profitable business and a more scalable and stable foundation.

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Published on November 23, 2022.

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