Aircall raises $120M and is now valued above $1B to connect the present and build the future.

Announcing $120 Million Series D Funding — We’re Ready for Takeoff!

Olivier PailhèsLast updated on January 2, 2024
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Ready to build better conversations?

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At Aircall, we didn’t expect to grow as quickly and as robustly as we did. It has been a very humbling experience. As many disruptors may know, we experienced setbacks and tough moments, but we always had this powerful drive to help millions of professionals create better communication between each other and their customers.

With that in mind, I am thrilled to announce our $120 million Series D funding round. With this new investment, we’ve passed the $1bn valuation mark, which — apart from vanity purposes — essentially means our original mission has a great and lasting purpose. This also means we can continue to scale while continuing to change how humans interact over the phone.

We’re excited to welcome Aircall’s newest investor, Goldman Sachs, to the family, alongside continued support from eFounders, DraperEsprit, NextWorld Capital, Adams Street Partners, DTCP, Swisscom Ventures, and Gaia Capital Partners_._ Goldman Sachs has a clear ambition to support emerging global leaders through their company’s journey, and we couldn’t be more excited to be backed by such a strong institution.

As we engage in the next era of Aircall, we’re committing this financing to our goal of developing more innovation for human conversations, more support to all our amazing software partners, and most importantly, more dedication to our customers.

Helping Our Customers Help Theirs

When we started Aircall in 2014, the phone was seen as a legacy business technology. But where others saw old-fashioned, we saw opportunity. Here’s a tool every business needs to communicate with prospects, customers, and colleagues. If we could connect the phone with other modern, essential tools, we could help businesses work smarter and simpler.

Over the past year, we’ve seen a rise in both remote workforce adoption and customers’ expectations from the brands they do business with. Aircall’s cloud-based phone solution helps businesses meet these new objectives with better data visibility into team performance and call data, while also providing a flexible, user-friendly solution.

Aircall syncs data and workflows with all the communication and tracking tools modern companies use, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Zendesk, Slack, Intercom, and many others. When teams know more about to whom they’re speaking, they have more productive and successful interactions.

Investing in Cutting Edge Tech

Our priority is to ensure that our investments in our technology will continue to empower professionals to have richer business conversations. To do this, we’ll work even more closely with our software partners in order to make Aircall the best and most seamless option for integrating voice into any business software.

For businesses to better connect with their customers, they need to extract more value from conversations: call analytics, conversational context, and speech recognition. These are all coming up next in our product roadmap, to deliver rich and insightful moments between our customers and theirs.

But that’s just the start. We believe Aircall has the potential to truly transform human conversations worldwide. We’ll be investing heavily in our infrastructure to strengthen our coverage and the quality of our service.

Establishing Stronger Partnerships and Global Presence

At the heart of Aircall is one idea: teamwork. We make it a priority internally, but we use it in the broader ecosystem around us as well.

Aircall wants to be an essential service for the major players in the telecommunications and software industry, and we believe that our vision will only be complete if we can continue to team up with other great companies, delivering incredible customer experiences.

Every professional on the planet deserves to have richer business conversations and we’ll expand our market presence through these strategic partnerships.

One Small Step…

We like to say Aircall is going to the moon. But the moon isn’t just a $1 billion valuation, or even an eventual IPO. Even back in 2014, we wanted to make a solution that was the primary, leading phone system for businesses. We wanted to make a product that would make doing business easier, more modern, and enjoyable. We want to empower every professional to have richer conversations – this is what the moon means to us.

This is a major milestone, and I look forward to celebrating (hopefully in person) with our partners, customers, and the Aircall team!

Published on June 23, 2021.

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