What’s New at Aircall This Quarter?

Kate MorganLast updated on January 2, 2024
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Welcome to the Aircall Top 10 countdown!

This quarter, we have a host of new product improvements to tell you about, from small changes to big-impact enhancements. 

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Top 10 Aircall Product Updates for Q3 2023

10. Brand-new SMS features

In at number 10 are brand-new SMS features that we know you value. Look out for the app’s new messaging section with more touch points to send an SMS and, of course, easy sorting and filtering for efficiency.

9. Call quality improvements

Number nine is all about call quality. It’s our priority because we know it’s yours. Check out how we’ve improved call reconnection, headset integrations, and audio bitrate.

8. Updated Zendesk integration

Just in at number eight, fans of Zendesk will love our new integration with their Talk Partner Edition. Customer support teams can now enjoy advanced functionality like custom insight cards that will tick all the boxes of efficiency, productivity, and quality.

7. Updated Salesforce integration

Number seven is all about Salesforce and an integration that’s bigger and better! You can now link up with Salesforce’s Sales Engagement product to increase outbound call volumes. 

6. New integration with HubSpot Conversational Intelligence

Sticking with integrations, number six is for all you HubSpot fans. We’re now integrated with their new Conversational Intelligence product, so customers can get even more insights from their conversations. 

And when it comes to new releases, we have some great updates lined up in our top five.

5. Call and voicemail transcription

Straight in at number five is the one everyone’s been talking about. Did you know that reading is 50% more efficient than listening? That’s why call transcriptions are now available to all Aircall customers. No more time wasted listening to hours of call recordings. 

4. New Analytics+ dashboards

It’s time to get analytical at number four. Aircall’s new Analytics+ dashboards are a huge hit with Sales and Customer Support managers. Why? Because it’s now easier than ever to understand why calls go unanswered and dig into team performance to minimize missed sales opportunities and maximize customer satisfaction.

3. Improved call routing

Number three steps up the game with a new, improved routing system. Smartflows enable you to set up call flows quickly and easily for better efficiency, increased productivity, and reduced admin time. It’s a massive hit!

2. The Conversation Center

It’s a conversation starter at number two. Aircall’s new Conversation Center puts Sales and Customer Support managers in the driving seat. You’ll save valuable time with a single view of all calls that you can turn into actionable insights.

OK, so what’s number one? We’re saving the best for last…

1. AI Starter Package

This quarter’s number one product release is Aircall’s new AI Starter package. Now you can access call summaries, talk ratios, and detect keyword usage, which can cut your call review time by up to 50%, identify coaching opportunities in the moment, and take your team performance to the next level.

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Published on October 19, 2023.

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