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Aircall and Deutsche Telekom: Rewriting the Future of Business Telephony

Victoria GuetterLast updated on January 2, 2024
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In the last three years, a lot has changed in terms of telephony. Analog and ISDN connections are disappearing, the number of VoIP connections is increasing, and video calls are enjoying unprecedented popularity. Considering the recent developments in the industry, companies have every reason to be excited for 2022: From now on, you can benefit from an alliance between Aircall and Deutsche Telekom that will rewrite the future of business telephony, as well as digitization, in German-speaking countries.

Since January 19, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH, a branch of Deutsche Telekom, and Aircall have been redesigning the future of telephony. The aim of the partnership is to offer all German-speaking customers access to Aircall’s innovative cloud-based VoIP solution. This is a step that will make business calls in and for German companies simpler, more efficient, and more progressive.

The collaboration between Deutsche Telekom, Europe’s largest telecommunications company, and Aircall, one of the current providers of telephony solutions for customer relation teams, offers great opportunities for success. The combination of the IT infrastructure, nationwide presence, and network of Deutsche Telekom—as well as Aircall’s innovative technology—creates synergy.

When two strong companies build a future-oriented partnership, customers are guaranteed to benefit.

DTCP: Aircall’s Biggest Investor From Germany

2021 was an important year for Aircall. A Goldman Sachs-led $ 120 million Series D funding in June gave Aircalls a boost to growth and new projects.

In Germany, DTCP was the largest investor, which laid the foundation for the promising partnership between Deutsche Telekom and Aircall.

The investment enabled Aircall to improve and expand the technology and infrastructure worldwide.

  • With new offices in Sydney, Madrid, London and now also Berlin, Aircall has created the structure needed to be closer to our Australian and European customers and partners.

  • With the constant further development of the Aircall  app, the expansion of our tech stack, and the introduction of voice intelligence functions, we work to offer the best VoIP telephony solution for our customers.

  • With 75% growth in 2021 and now over 600 employees at six offices worldwide, we strive to offer our customers and partners first-class service at all times. Not only is our software transparent, collaborative, and flexible but so is our team.

The Next Chapter: Aircall Increases Its Presence in Germany

Aircall’s continuous growth is accompanied by the desire to be able to respond more specifically to the requirements of local core markets. One market that’s always been of great importance to our company is Germany.

Around 1,500 of our 10,000+ global customers are German-speaking companies. Aircall earned their trust with its ease of use, its high degree of flexibility, its reliable voice quality, and  its easy-to-set up integrations, featuring technology partners such as Hubspot, Zendesk, and Salesforce.

We recently moved into a new office in the Wework Atrium Tower in Berlin, which is also the first Aircalls office in Germany. In addition to our 15 current Aircall employees, we aim to grow up to 25 team members in Berlin by the end of the year who will be available as personal contacts for Germany.

The strategic decision creates an opportunity to optimize Aircalls telephony solution for customer relation teams even more to meet local requirements. The pulsating startup scene and the well-known tech hub ambience of Berlin provide additional incentives in the form of alliances, networks, and talents.

But that’s not all. All the developments listed so far form the basis for a promising future and partnership that will permanently change the quality of business telephony in the German-speaking region.

“We are getting tremendous feedback from our agents, who are more willingly using Aircall, and therefore our phone-based activity has increased by 30%, and that should naturally be reflected in our sales figures.”— Ambroise Prieur, Contact Center Administrator at SumUp

Aircall and Deutsche Telekom: Partners in Trust

It has been official since January 19, 2022: Aircall has a renowned partner at its side as it grows on the German market—Deutsche Telekom.

The subsidiary T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH, which specializes primarily in business areas related to digital transformation and Industry 4.0, was so impressed by Aircall as a current provider of telephony solution for customer relation teams in Germany that they decided to partner with them. This partnership combines the strengths and know-how of both companies.

With this concentrated expertise, Aircall not only wants to serve the increasing demand of German-speaking companies for digital and flexible communication technology solutions, but also to exceed expectations.

Existing and future customers of Deutsche Telekom benefit from unrestricted access to Aircall’s groundbreaking software for cloud telephony.

According to Jonathan Anguelov, Cofounder and General Manager of EMEA & APAC at Aircall,

“With such an unprecedented partnership with Deutsche Telekom, we will be connecting the widest range of businesses with Aircall’s cloud business phone system and call center software. This will empower all types of small and medium businesses across all industries to communicate more effectively while they experience richer conversations.”

According to Anguelov, this promising development is no coincidence, but above all, it’s the result of forward-looking planning.

“Since our last fundraising in June 2021, we’ve dedicated a lot of effort toward building a team of technical experts dedicated to the creation of systems and technical bridges, allowing Aircall to partner with any industrial reseller in any business model.”

More Benefits for Customers from Germany

As of 2022, a new era of business telephony will dawn for our customers and partners and  companies that belong to the Deutsche Telekom network.

So you can look forward to:

  • Easier access to a world-class cloud phone system for support and sales teams, which can be integrated with over 100 popular software and business tools in a matter of seconds, including Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zendesk. The user interface can be easily operated by any employee without additional training or special IT support.

  • A reliable VoIP telephone system that reliably offers premium voice quality and is intuitive to use. Thanks to the easy setup and completely cloud-based application, it is suitable for in-house use as well as for hybrid and remote teams.

  • With the cloud-based telephone system, local, international and virtual service numbers can be set up with just a few clicks. Globally active companies and remote teams in particular benefit from this function, as it allows them to establish proximity to customers and employees despite the geographical distance.

  • Local and trained contacts on site who know the conditions and peculiarities of the DACH market will offer you the best possible solution for your needs.

  • Data protection and security come first with Aircall’s VoIP telephone system. With our server location in Frankfurt, we meet all the standards of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation when storing data.

Thanks to the partnership with Deutsche Telekom and our new office in Berlin, we are getting a lot closer to our vision. In the German-speaking area we want to make calls easier and more efficient so that you can focus on what really matters—conversations.

Published on January 19, 2022.

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