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Introducing: The New Aircall App Marketplace

Laurah MwirichiaLast updated on January 8, 2024
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Ready to build better conversations?

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Aircall is back on the TechCrunch scene– this time gracing the stage at DisruptBerlin. COO Jonathan Anguelov showcased Aircall’s incredible 5-year journey before publicly announcing the launch of its brand new App Marketplace.

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The leading app ecosystem for voice

The new marketplace currently has more than 50 available integrations ranging from sales and support technologies to data management and payment platforms. With integrated software spanning 12 different categories, Aircall is now the leading technology ecosystem built for voice.

This robust marketplace is the result of several years of collaboration with other innovative companies and strategic partners. Additionally, the intuitive Aircall API comes with all the necessary support and documentation that companies need to create and develop their own solutions.

Putting voice at the heart of business strategy

Aircall has seen rapid growth since the beginning of their journey. Now boasting offices in both Paris and New York City, its 250 employees are able to serve the needs of customers around the globe. As a result, Aircall is now used in over 4000 companies– spanning over 100 countries worldwide.

This accelerated growth comes at a time when traditional business phone systems stopped meeting the needs of their modern customers. Aircall stepped in to help companies put voice back at the center of their business strategy.

Disrupting the business phone

Aircall redefined the business phone by being everything the traditional phone was not: easy to install and intuitive to use. But the launch of its new marketplace further sets it apart by creating a one-stop-shop for added features, technology, and collaboration.

Because of this, Aircall is more than just a business phone. It is an innovative SaaS solution for companies looking to turn their voice data into a real performance driver.

Discover the new Aircall Marketplace

Aircall’s new app marketplace sets out to redefine voice collaboration through the seamless integration of essential business technology. So whether you are looking for a business phone that is connected to all your tools, or you want to develop your own solution with us–discover the Aircall marketplace today!

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Published on December 12, 2019.

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