How Aircall's Zendesk Integration Works

Emily GregorLast updated on January 2, 2024
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Help desk platforms and business phone solutions are necessary for customer support teams to get ahead in today’s busy world. Combining the two can give your agents a single toolbox for providing a quality service, making a huge difference to the success of your business. 

When it comes to help desks, Zendesk is a true leader, providing a complete customer service solution that’s easy to use and scales with your business. Over 100,000 organizations currently use Zendesk across 160 countries, and Aircall’s updated Zendesk integration means they can now benefit from a combined help desk solution and business phone system. 

By using Aircall and Zendesk together, your service team will always show your business in the best light.

What Is Aircall’s Zendesk Integration?

Aircall’s Zendesk integration makes it easy to make, receive, and synchronize your calls directly from the Zendesk console, saving your team's precious time, increasing productivity, and helping reps focus on engaging with customers.

With standard Call Object Logging, records from Aircall and Zendesk are united. That means there’s no need for additional internal notes to be taken, cutting down on admin and ensuring your teams always have access to the latest customer information. 

Bringing even more context to those customer interactions, the integration also introduces Custom Insight Cards. These display Zendesk data directly in the Aircall phone app, CTI, and on the web—so there’s no need to swap tools to go searching for a piece of customer information mid-call.

For every call that your team handles, the account details of the customer are readily available to the agent, providing faster, better, and more efficient customer service that will keep your customers happy. 

“As a result of Aircall’s seamless integration with Zendesk, we’re able to enhance our customers’ experience.”
— Nicolas Capuono, Director of Customer Relationships, Adore Me.

3 Zendesk Integration Features That Can Help Your Business

Call Object Logging

Call Object Logging introduces a dedicated view within the Aircall Zendesk integration, freeing up Internal Notes for what they were actually built for—communication between teammates. 

With clearer communication, everybody wins—there’s less pressure on your teams, less chance of customer information falling between the cracks, and your customers benefit from better customer service as a result. 

Custom Insight Cards

The latest Zendesk integration provides Custom Insight Cards every time a call takes place with an existing contact, highlighting relevant details such as the contact owner, specific ticket information, and the last time they were contacted. This is particularly beneficial when it comes to customer service and satisfaction, as it can reduce the need for the customer to repeat themselves—a common frustration on their end. 

Zendesk’s Custom Insight Cards only display relevant information, removing low-priority details to improve resolution times. It’s also easy to customize the data that you want to display, making sure your agents always have the necessary details to hand. 

Assignment Rules

The latest version of Aircall’s Zendesk integration introduces an update to Assignment Rules, with the ability to assign tickets to the best agent for the job—not just the agents who are available.

Assignment Rules make it possible to set multiple rules for each user, alongside helpful features like the ability to sort users into alphabetical order. It’s also possible to search for specific lines and users, making navigation user-friendlier. By using Assignment Rules, you can reduce redundant call and SMS logs, which provides increased reporting accuracy for your business. 

It’s close integrations like these that help to set Aircall apart—because we recognize that support teams can do so much more when their tools talk to one another. 

“We started searching for a provider that seamlessly integrated with Zendesk that could be used across teams and that we could easily manage. I felt that Aircall had the same spirit as we do, providing a solution that could be used across teams and that we could easily manage.” — Guillaume Rieu, Head of Customer Care, SendinBlue.

FAQs: Aircall’s Zendesk Integration

Connect Zendesk with Aircall Today

The benefits of an integrated help desk and business phone system are clear to see and can revolutionize the way your organization approaches customer service by freeing up your agents to deal with customers more efficiently. 

“At Zendesk, we pride ourselves on building easy-to-use, scalable products that make an impact for our customers. Pairing Aircall and Zendesk takes your customer support team—and the customer experience they’re providing—to the next level. We’ve worked with Aircall to build the latest version of our integration to help your business increase productivity, streamline processes, and ultimately save time."
Dan Frost, Senior Manager of Technology Alliances at Zendesk.

Don’t delay—install the Zendesk integration for Aircall today and help your teams provide the standout service your customers deserve. 

Published on September 19, 2023.

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