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100 Integrations and Counting: Celebrating Our Partner Ecosystem

Ryan CahillLast updated on January 2, 2024
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Ready to build better conversations?

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At Aircall, we’ve had a lot to celebrate these past few months. From the launch of our new Microsoft Teams integration to reaching 100+ integrations on the Aircall App Marketplace, we’re continuing to grow, connect, and demonstrate the power of conversation with our integrations.

To commemorate this milestone, we want to raise a glass to the most valuable contributors to the Aircall app ecosystem: our partners.

Three Cheers for the Open API

Since the launch of the Aircall App Marketplace in 2019, countless partners have used our API to build innovative apps that expand the Aircall app ecosystem.

Our partners recognize the power of adding voice to their products and enabling customers to have richer, more meaningful conversations. Together, we’re building the future of voice.

Our public API makes it easy for developers to work with Aircall. There are countless ways to connect Aircall with partner applications. We encourage developers’ innovations and creativity with thorough documentation, dedicated technical support, and reliable collaboration from start to finish.

Here’s what Darren Heaphy, Head of Product at eDesk, had to say about building with Aircall:

“The integration itself was effortless. Aircall, having a robust partnership process and a well documented and capable API, with support from the Aircall team throughout, meant the actual development work was the easy part!”

A Toast to Our Partners

As we continue to bring new and exciting partners into our ecosystem, we want to celebrate our partners, who continue to demonstrate the value of voice across a range of platforms and industries.

These tools help businesses connect with customers and prospects. They turn conversations into actionable data that teams can use to build meaningful conversations.

  • Gorgias: Track customer interactions and save call details to streamline support operations and delight your customers.

  • Front: Provide tailor-made support to customers with voice, email, chat, SMS, and more centralized in one platform.

  • Kustomer: See customer details whenever you receive an inbound call so you can personalize conversations and take calls with context.

  • Pipedrive: Keep your address book automatically up-to-date in Pipedrive, and track all conversations with prospects to close deals faster.

  • Richpanel: Tag calls in the Aircall phone that automatically sync to Richpanel tickets so you can sort and filter conversations with ease.

  • Zoho CRM: Aircall integrates with Zoho CRM, Zoho Desk, and Zoho Flow to provide a seamless workflow for companies using Zoho products.

  • JobAdder: Log calls, tags, notes, and call recordings in JobAdder to better manage applications and streamline your recruitment process.

Building the Future of Voice

Aircall partners span 14 different categories–from help desk, CRM, and eCommerce platforms to transcription, automation, and QA tools. But all our partners have a shared role in helping us empower our customers and build the future of voice.

“When we looked at the market more broadly and were considering whether to build our own in-house solution or partner with someone, it was evident that Aircall was a leading provider in this space. We knew that not just partnering with Aircall but building a best-in-class integration that seamlessly connects Aircall’s capability with eDesk’s support system would be of significant value to our customers,” Darren says.

As the App Marketplace continues to grow and expand, we look forward to welcoming even more diverse and innovative partners into our ecosystem. It’s simple: We’re developer-friendly, and new partners can get started in minutes.

For our partners, building with Aircall means reaching a pool of thousands of new customers worldwide. Beyond that, they’re able to boost their offering to provide the leading voice solution. For us, building with partners means we can amplify our voice, connecting Aircall with even more best-in-class solutions. It’s a win-win!

So, as we celebrate the 100 partners that helped us reach this first milestone, we can’t wait to welcome the next 100 and discover brand-new solutions, together.

Published on April 25, 2022.

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