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Dos and Donts of a Customer Success Pro with Greg Lefort of Azendoo

Miruna MitranescuLast updated on January 2, 2024
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For this article, we sat down with Greg Lefort, CEO of Azendoo. Sometimes called “the new growth hacking”, the concept of “Customer Success” is on everyone’s lips.

Simply said by the guru of Customer Success Lincoln Murphy,

“Customer Success is critical to the growth of SaaS businesses.”

If you’re still new to the idea, we short-listed a handful of articles on the topic. But when it comes to implementing it, theory isn’t enough. To go a step further, we asked a few customer success champions for insights and real-life advice from their experience on the field.

Discover how Greg Lefort handles customer success and his recipe to delighting his customers.

Greg is one of the co-founders of Azendoo, a very cool project management tool. At Azendoo, customer support is actually part of the sales process. Greg summarizes it in 4 steps:

1st step: support – answer all demands and questions whatever the channel

2nd step: observe – understand how our customers use our product and identify patterns and usage bottlenecks

3rd step: learn – highlight areas of improvement

4th step: engage – proactively reach out to our users, to help get the full value of our product.

Do: Create 1-on-1 discussions with 1000s or 100,000s of users

Whatever the reason, if users reach out to us, the first step is to thank them. Always. Then, we personalize our answers, and we ask further questions to fully understand their usage and environment. We engage with our users.

Don’t: Fall behind the number of tickets

Our number one rule is to answer every question or complaint in less than few hours. It can be hard sometimes with our high volume of users, but that’s a promise we made and we do our best to keep it.

Do: Make everyone in the team responsible for customer success

Everyone has access to the customer support platform (we are using intercom), and answers to the tickets he or she is in charge of based on his area of expertise, either on the product, its usage or a bug in the app itself. This way, each customer gets the best answer he can get from the most qualified person in the team.

Don’t: Overpromise and disappoint

Our users share a lot of suggestions and feedbacks on our product, which is great, but can be tricky if we say “yes” and then nothing happens. To handle expectations, we opened a platform for feedbacks, on which users can share their ideas and vote for other people’s ideas. It helps identifying priorities, even if we still sort them and select the ideas that fit our overall strategy.

Extra: Turn your best users into ambassadors

Some of our best users were already sharing their experience and giving us some social love. So we decided to structure it and we built an international community of passionate users. . They write blog posts, they testify during our meetups, they hold webinars and demo to other users, and they test our upcoming features in beta to share their feedbacks.

So tell me, what’s your secret recipe? Tell us in the comment section below!

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Published on April 22, 2015.

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