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Auto-Dialer Australia 101: Everything You Need to Know

Emily GregorLast updated on January 2, 2024
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Auto-dialers are gaining popularity in Australia. But do current laws regarding cold calls reduce their effectiveness? An auto-dialer can prove beneficial based on your specific business objectives. But “good enough” rarely cuts it in the competitive sales world.

At Aircall, we value effectiveness over sheer volume, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the benefits of sales dialers.

If you’re ready to invest in auto-dialing software for your business, let’s cover the basics of auto-dialers in Australia and their alternatives.

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The Importance of Sales Dialers in Australia

Cold-calling a prospective client is a daunting task for any sales team. Inefficient cold-calling eats away at your productivity (and motivation). But thanks to developing sales dialers, ineffective cold-calling is rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

The idea of manually dialing a prospect or lead is now considered an outdated approach, alongside dial-up internet, phone books, and flip phones. Sales dialers eliminate the vintage dial technique and replace it with an automatic and accurate process. This allows the sales rep to focus on what’s really important: the conversation.

But it’s not as straightforward as we’d like to believe.

Different dialers carry different functionalities. They meet different needs and have different focal points. What can work for one business may not be the right fit for yours. Let’s unpack the differences between sales dialers and how they impact business productivity.

Auto-Dialers, Power Dialers & Predictive Dialers

The first step in choosing the right dialer software for your business is knowing what options are available.

There are three main types of dialers available to choose from. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Predictive dialers

These dialers use algorithms to determine which numbers to dial and when to dial them. The logic behind this system is to increase the volume of cold calls in a short amount of time.


An auto-dialer is a type of predictive dialer and the most widely known dialer. If someone answers a call initiated by an auto-dialer in Australia, the recipient will either hear a pre-recorded message (robocalling) or connect to a live agent. Auto-dialers draw large companies because of their exceptionally high call volume.

Power dialer

The power dialer, which is the dialer used by Aircall, is perfect for those who seek a more personalized approach to cold-calling. Businesses gravitate to power dialers because of their ability to adapt, customize and personalize the calling experience. They automatically select leads with a higher likelihood of conversion. You can also program them to detect phone numbers from web pages through Aircall’s Click-to-Dial feature.

Both predictive and auto-dialers in Australia share many similarities. The most remarkable difference between the two is that an auto-dialer can manage and distribute calls among various reps, whereas predictive dialers can not. Predictive dialers simply call multiple contacts at once to ensure maximum client connectivity.

Power dialers stand alone and are distinct from both predictive and auto-dialers in Australia. The Aircall power dialer perfects the balance between call efficiency and client engagement. It puts exemplary customer service back into the telemarketing process through personalized, quality, and intentional conversations.

You can view a full comparison of the different dialers here.

Although auto-dialers in Australia have received a bad rep for being “spammy” or impersonal, it’s important to appreciate the benefits they hold for companies looking to increase their call volume.

But the benefits all depend on the dialer’s ability to adhere to specific laws and regulations focused on auto-dialers in Australia.

Laws and Regulations for Auto-Dialers in Australia

The most considerable risk that both predictive and auto-dialers have in common is the fine line between volume and violating Australian anti-spam laws.

Before you can choose the right auto dialer software for your business, it’s critical to understand and comply with the following points:

  • Australian laws and regulations regarding spam and telemarketing apply to domestic and international enterprises.

  • If your company uses calls as a part of its sales strategy and targets Australian citizens, you’re obliged by law to comply.

  • Fines are strict and can include up to AUS $1.7 million per day.

  • Respect the Do Not Call Registry. This registry is a government-provided service that prohibits sales reps from making unsolicited calls. Once an individual is registered, telemarketers or sales representatives have up to 30 days to stop all forms of contact.

Laws about cold calls can be extensive, complicated, and quick to change. Since April 2021, a new Scam Calling Code applies to Australia. This new ruling in Australia applies to carriers and carrier service providers.

Is your sales team up to date and informed about the specific regulations and laws on auto-dialers in Australia? If so, you can start comparing your auto-dial choices.

The Best Auto-Dialers in Australia

The best auto-dialer in Australia should accommodate your specific business needs. It should be mindful of your sales teams’ daily objectives and provide insightful analytical software to encourage maximum growth and revenue.

Here are our top four choices:

1. Aircall

Although Aircall doesn’t technically classify as an auto-dialer, it still holds all the benefits associated with traditional dialers. Aircall Power Dialer combines the three most powerful aspects of any business: speed, meaningful conversation, and conversions.

Our power dialer can automatically identify leads that are most likely to turn into conversions and add them to your call queue without any effort from your side.

If your business benefits from faster leads, follow-ups, and conversions, then Aircall should be at the top of your list.

Aircall’s Power Dialer can record notes, tags, and follow-up steps directly in your Aircall app and let automation take care of the rest. This ensures more effective and detailed follow-ups and reduces the margin of efforts that lead nowhere.

If you’d prefer to keep your options open, here’s our list of top alternatives that aren’t power dialers but are still worth considering.

2. ContactSPACE

This Australian auto-dialer made it near the top of our list, as its features include FCC and FTC Compliance. It also includes features that increase predictive dialing efficiency. It achieves this through implementing answering machine detection, auto-wrap, and agent workflow automation.

What we like: It’s up to date with Australian laws and regulations. We also appreciate ContactSPACE’s proactive approach to mitigating the shortcomings of predictive dialers.

What we’d like to see: The integrations are limited.

3. JustCall

JustCall is an effective auto-dialer that minimizes manual dialing. It requires you to upload your contact list and the software will dial for you. It also includes real-time, AI-powered call insights to coach agents at scale. In addition, it’s desktop- and mobile-friendly and provides an extensive knowledge base.

What we like: It accommodates companies who target international clients.

What we’d like to see: It lacks call analytics or additional strategic features to increase lead conversion or call quality.

4. Squaretalk

Squaretalk is a cloud-based auto-dialer with a lower monthly fee than other auto-dialers. Although it lacks an extensive knowledge base, it compensates through its ease of use, uncomplicated structure, and phone support.

What we like: Lower monthly fees.

What we’d like to see: Minimizing training costs is an enormous benefit when implementing the right dialer. In addition, we’d like to see a more significant knowledge base or resource hub.

What Type of Dialer Does Your Company Really Need?

An effective process drives growth. Sure, you can speed it up (and we do), but sustainable development and maximized revenue require an integrated approach.

96% of people say that customer service influences their loyalty to a brand. Yet, very few auto-dialers prioritize customer engagement.

At Aircall, we can’t overstate the importance of personalization and engagement as a business increases its capacity. Keeping this in mind, with great power (dialer) comes great responsibility.

The right type of dialer for your cloud phone system also:

  • Increases call volume and speeds up the lead-generation process

  • Provides intentional insights

  • Helps you follow-up faster

Let’s break down each one a bit further.

Increases call volume and speeds up the lead-generation process

The ideal dialer for your business should enable your sales representatives to make more calls in the least amount of time while still allowing you total control over the calling queue—one point for Aircall’s Power Dialer!

Provides intentional insights

It’s not enough to dial a lead through automation. Your sales representatives need to know who they’re talking to, their pain points, and which unique value proposition to present to them.

Aircall’s Dialer integrates with your CRM and presents the data on the interface before each ca****ll. This provides context, background information, and valuable cues to engage in meaningful conversation.

Helps you follow-up faster

Did you know that 48% of salespeople fail to make a single follow-up attempt? More importantly, 80% of sales require up to five follow-up calls.

These statistics showcase the importance of gathering as much information as possible during that initial sales call.

Time to Drive Competitiveness

Finding and comparing the right auto-dialer in Australia can be challenging, especially in a competitive space where less isn’t always more.

But as more sales reps chase numbers and the sheer velocity of their call list, Aircall takes a fresh approach. This purpose-driven take on cold calling puts the client back in the center of the conversation without compromising your team’s efficiency.

Ready to start a better kind of conversation? This one’s on us—get your free Aircall trial here.

Published on September 27, 2022.

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