Top 5 Avoxi Alternatives to Simplify Your Workflows

Emily GregorLast updated on January 2, 2024
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Cloud-based phone systems have switched from a novelty to a necessity—and it’s clear to see why. Over 59% of small businesses achieve productivity benefits from a shift to the cloud while saving up to 90% of all communication costs.

Although the benefits are plenty, so are the available options, making it challenging to find the ideal provider to enable more autonomous customer-centric teams while streamlining business processes and simplifying collaboration.

To help you choose the ideal business phone solution, we’ve compiled a list of the top five Avoxi alternatives to easily compare prices, features, integrations, and overall value.

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Avoxi Pricing at a Glance

Avoxi’s Essential (Launch) package starts at $0 per month per user. At first glance, a free business phone solution can seem like an attractive offer. But the prices start to add up when taking a closer look at features, integrations, and hidden costs.

Although Avoxi’s Launch package includes standard phone features such as instant SMS, email, voicemail, and a virtual attendant, each plan contains additional admin fees of $4.99 per month per customer account.

Other costs include an internal fee for compliance and a monthly starting price of $12.49. This means that the “free” package costs $17.48 at the very least, excluding any taxes and hidden fees.

In addition to the monthly costs, Avoxi offers an onboarding package at a one-time charge, starting at $149.99 for up to six licenses or $24.99 per license.

For fast-growing teams looking for feature-rich packages, easy integrations, and effortless onboarding without additional charges, it may be worth searching for an Avoxi alternative.

Top Features of an Ideal Avoxi Alternative

When searching for the ideal Avoxi alternative, it’s essential to prioritize your specific business needs. But finding and filtering them out in a wide range of providers and features can be tricky.

To help you better navigate the list of Avoxi alternatives, here are the top three features businesses should look for when choosing an ideal cloud-based phone solution.

Effortless onboarding at no added cost

The ideal business phone solution shouldn’t limit nontechnical teams or keep them from becoming fully autonomous. Look for alternatives that include effortless onboarding features with the option of adding new numbers or creating new users in a matter of clicks. The ideal alternative should also include an easy-to-use interface and ongoing support and training during the onboarding process.

Business tool integration

The ideal Avoxi alternative should allow users to easily integrate with all their favorite business tools and add new ones. When choosing the right phone system, it’s important to consider how the provider manages its third-party applications. Ideally, it should allow users to gather an overview of all their tools and the ability to manage them with a simple click

Intuitive collaboration

Business processes and systems can only be perfectly optimized if it’s powered by flawless team collaboration. When considering your options for the ideal Avoxi alternative, look for collaboration features such as warm transfer, shared contacts, shared call Inbox, and call commenting and assignment.

The Top 5 Alternatives to Avoxi

Simplify your decision-making process by comparing the top five Avoxi alternatives on the market. Discover how each integrates with your business tools and which features provide the best value for the price. Ready to dive in? Here are the top alternatives at a glance.


  • Free Trial? Yes

  • Number of Entry-Level Integrations: 100+

  • Entry-Level Features: Softphone for desktop, Android, and iOS; zero hardware required; 99.95% uptime; warm transfer; one-click integrations; Power Dialer; CRM integrations; Click to Dial; real-time analytics; activity feed; 50+ features for all users regardless of pricing plan to boost productivity, call quality, collaboration, and more

  • Rating: 4.3 stars

  • Pricing: $30 per user per month


  • Free Trial? Yes

  • Number of Entry-Level Integrations: 4

  • Entry-Level Features: Unlimited inbound and intracompany calls, international numbers, call queuing, click to call

  • Rating: 4.3 stars

  • Pricing: Starting from $25 per user per month

GoTo Connect

  • Free Trial? No

  • Number of Entry-Level Integrations: 1

  • Entry-Level Features: Basic reporting, call queuing, web chat, IVR, Facebook integration

  • Rating: 4.4 stars

  • Pricing: Starting from $24 per user per month


  • Free Trial? No

  • Number of Entry-Level Integrations: 2

  • Entry-Level Features: Call group, voicemail transcription, voicemail to email notifications, unlimited internet fax, auto-attendant

  • Rating: 4.4 stars

  • Pricing: Starting from $25.95 per user per month


  • Free Trial? No

  • Number of Entry-Level Integrations: 20+

  • Entry-Level Features: Team Messaging, mobile and desktop apps, unlimited Calls and SMS

  • Rating: 4.3 stars

  • Pricing: Starting at $19.99 per month per line plus taxes & fees

How to Compare the Top 5 Avoxi Alternatives

To better understand what each provider can offer your specific team, we’ve compared the features, integrations, and prices of each to help you find the ideal alternative.

The most feature-rich alternative

Avoxi provides a standard list of features. But to fully utilize their value, users need to subscribe to a mid- to top-tier plans. This is the case for most of the alternatives listed above.

Aircall is the only alternative that offers all its features to all users, regardless of their pricing plan. This allows businesses to take advantage of top-tier features at a low cost.

The top alternative to utilize business tools

Although many of the alternatives, Avoxi included, offer rich integrations—many of them aren’t available to users in the essential package. Aircall is the only alternative from our list that provides 100+ integrations, even in its basic package.

The top choice for value over price

When comparing pricing, it’s important to consider the hidden costs. Although specific alternatives offer lower monthly rates (at first glance), these packages require businesses to pay additional fees for integrations, added features, or hardware requirements. Aircall provides the best value for the price with no hidden costs and zero hardware needed. It also includes responsive and dedicated in-house support and training for all its users at no additional charge.

Why Aircall Is the Ideal Avoxi Alternative

From key virtual call center features and a Power Dialer to accessing the leading app ecosystem for voice, Aircall knows how to make an impact without overcomplicating the process. Here are three reasons Aircall’s 15,000 global customers choose Aircall.

Connect with 100+ business tools in a click

Aircall’s app marketplace integrates with over 100 business tools. Easily add and manage your business tools in a click and connect with your most-used apps or add new ones in a second or less.

Aircall’s admin dashboard also allows businesses to manage all settings in one place. Additional integrations include contact synchronization and insight cards, enabling teams to optimize their workflow and gain valuable insights and context behind each call by pulling related data from other apps into view.

Boost productivity with easy-to-use features

Aircall’s productivity features allow your phone solution to do the heavy lifting for you. With features like Desktop Notifications, Call Tags & Disposition Codes, After-Call Work, and Custom Filters, Aircall understands that talk is cheap, but time is valuable. The numbers don’t lie: With Aircall, operations managers reclaimed 20% of the time they would have spent using other phone systems.

Track and manage performance metrics

Aircall’s analytics features allow its users to have valuable insight into their key performance metrics and an overview of their team’s activity in one place.

Through a real-time activity feed, Aircall users can easily track and manage all calls and data relating to specific calls without manually sourcing information from third-party applications. In addition, Aircall also offers advanced call monitoring software to accelerate team training and boost call quality assurance.

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Published on January 23, 2023.

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