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Pepper Cloud CRM + Aircall: Revolutionizing Communication and Sales Management

Pepper Cloud CRM + Aircall: Revolutionizing Communication and Sales Management

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, seamless communication and efficient sales management have become paramount for SMEs striving for growth and success. Recognizing these needs, Pepper Cloud CRM and Aircall joined forces to create a transformative partnership that redefines how businesses engage with their clients and manage sales processes.

Pepper Cloud CRM: Empowering Growing Businesses

Pepper Cloud CRM, Singapore’s best CRM software in sales and marketing automation for SMEs, had a clear vision: to empower businesses with an easy-to-use and comprehensive solution that could streamline sales management and communication. It aimed to provide a unified platform that not only managed leads, opportunities, and accounts but also facilitated direct voice communication. In this regard, Pepper Cloud, a CRM that integrates with WhatsApp, seamlessly connects to various other tools such as Facebook and Instagram for messaging services, Zoom for video conferencing, Xero for generating and managing digital quotations, and Mailchimp and MailerLite for email marketing. These integrations served to significantly simplify the everyday functions of pre-sales, sales, and support teams.

Pepper Cloud CRM + Aircall Integration: A Perfect Synergy

Aircall, a leading cloud-based business phone system, shared Pepper Cloud CRM's vision. The strategic collaboration between Aircall and Pepper Cloud empowered the CRM with phone system integration, equipping it with advanced voice-calling capabilities and unlocking growth opportunities for businesses. While Aircall handled voice communications, Pepper Cloud CRM could track and manage sales and leads. 

The dynamic partnership between Aircall and Pepper Cloud CRM introduced an exceptional level of convenience, enabling users to effortlessly initiate calls from the CRM and focus on critical sales activities for closing deals and ensuring customer satisfaction.

"Pepper Cloud is a sales-driven CRM. To empower our customers to boost their sales, we wanted to incorporate voice-calling capabilities within the CRM. We found the perfect partner in Aircall. Their clean and easy-to-use APIs simplified the integration process. Features like automatic call recording and call logging enabled CRM users to increase their sales productivity and accelerate deal closures. Furthermore, Aircall's exceptional and proactive support positioned them as the ideal partners in our journey toward growth, benefiting both our team and our valued clients."

— Tarun, Product Manager

Transformative Features and Benefits

Apart from the basic functionalities of initiating or receiving calls, the Aircall CRM integration yields a range of transformative features:

Seamless call management

With the integration, users can effortlessly manage calls, record conversations, and log call details directly within Pepper Cloud CRM. This real-time integration ensures that every piece of vital information is captured accurately, enhancing the quality of conversations and refining future interactions.

Enhanced collaboration

Aircall's capabilities extend beyond basic calling functions. Users can transfer calls, assign them to team members, and even add colleagues to ongoing calls. Predefined call distribution workflows guarantee that no call goes unanswered, promoting teamwork and maximizing efficiency.

Effortless workflow automation

Pepper Cloud CRM's powerful workflow automation capabilities complement Aircall's functionalities. Users can set up custom workflows triggered by call activities. For instance, missed calls can initiate automated email responses or WhatsApp messages, scheduling callbacks and engaging potential clients proactively.

Customer Success: Allspice's Journey

Allspice Institute Pte Ltd is a culinary institute that provides diverse training programs and produces well-trained culinary and hospitality professionals. 

Allspice is one of the valued customers of Pepper Cloud CRM that experienced a remarkable transformation with the Aircall CRM integration. Previously burdened with managing multiple phone numbers for sales and customer support and switching apps to make voice calls, Allspice struggled with manual data entry errors such as manually logging call details and adding call summaries to the leads or contacts within CRM. 

The Aircall and Pepper Cloud CRM integration swiftly alleviated these challenges. Allspice's teams seamlessly initiated calls from within the CRM, recorded call interactions effortlessly, and automated call logging. This newfound efficiency not only saved time but also optimized their sales processes, allowing them to focus on what truly matters—nurturing leads and closing deals.

"Previously, we struggled to keep track of voice conversations between our agents and our customers, and this made training our teams quite a challenge. But, thanks to the Aircall and Pepper Cloud CRM integration, we now have the power to monitor every call. With automatic call recording, call logging, and the ability to add call notes, we can now track and oversee all our voice chats and support our team whenever needed. It has transformed the way we operate, allowing us to elevate our customer interactions and drive our business forward."

— Manoj Krishnan, Customer Service Manager

Pioneering a Holistic Communication Ecosystem with Pepper Cloud CRM and Aircall

Pepper Cloud CRM and Aircall's collaboration has set a new standard in the industry. While Aircall handles voice communication, Pepper Cloud CRM meticulously tracks the sales pipeline. This integration ensures that every call's data is automatically logged, minimizing the risk of leads slipping through the cracks. Businesses now have access to a holistic communication channel that bridges the gap between sales and communication, fostering growth and enhancing customer relationships.

This partnership between Aircall and Pepper Cloud CRM exemplifies the power of collaboration in driving growth and addressing the evolving needs of businesses. Together, we are reshaping how SMEs manage their communication and sales processes, propelling them toward a future of growth and success.

Connect Pepper Cloud CRM with Aircall today and start building your business success story.