Klaus + Aircall: Streamlining Internal Review of Phone Calls

Klaus + Aircall: Streamlining Internal Review of Phone Calls

Revamping the customer support QA process

An international team fuelled by cat puns and a remote-friendly atmosphere, Klaus is a darling of the Estonian tech startup scene. Funded by Swedish VC Creandum (which also invests in Spotify, Klarna, Bolt, and Vivino), their $1.9 million seed round led Klaus to launch their customer service quality assurance and conversation review tool.

The tool has streamlined the traditional QA process of customer support conversations. Klaus has proven to be crucial for companies looking to improve customer service quality across agents and support channels, including Soundcloud, PandaDoc, Wistia, and others. And now, through their integration with Aircall, Klaus can help businesses evaluate the quality of their phone support.

Adding QA to Phone Calls Through Aircall

As an intuitive, cloud-based phone solution, Aircall is dedicated to providing seamless integrations with other vital business software. This leads to a more satisfying customer experience.

"Aircall is one of the best solutions out there for the new-generation companies that want to offer phone support of the highest quality. We wanted Klaus to be easily available for these companies.” - Lílian Ertel, Head of Partnerships, Klaus

Klaus decided to partner with Aircall as the first Quality Assurance integration on Aircall’s marketplace. The Klaus integration lets Aircall users seamlessly add QA to their call center workflow.

Because of a shared customer-centric mindset, the Klaus integration was a priority for both teams. In a single week, Klaus’ engineers - with guidance provided by Aircall’s App Ecosystem team - were able to release the integration to Aircall customers.

How the Integration Works

Through the Aircall API, this integration automatically pulls call recordings from Aircall, along with related data (agent, date, time, etc.), into the Klaus QA platform. Call recordings are centralized alongside tickets and other customer communications, where reviewers can critique them. After reviews are complete, Klaus sends notifications to agents about new feedback and calculates Internal Quality Scores on conversations.

Decreasing time spent on support QA while increasing customer satisfaction

With Klaus, teams reduce time normally spent on QA activities by 70%. Tasks like downloading and uploading call recordings to a spreadsheet, and copy-pasting feedback from a spreadsheet into individual emails are completely eliminated. Regular internal conversation reviews have been known to improve customer satisfaction (CSAT) by 13%.

"The integration has been extremely easy to use. Being able to listen to the call in Klaus and also download the audio files is great for training!" – Tom Frew, Director of Product, Echo

Providing a positive customer experience has become one of the most important factors in business growth. With the Aircall-Klaus integration, Aircall customers will be able to streamline the call QA process and ensure every rep gets the feedback they need to deliver the best customer support possible.

Learn how to install and configure the Klaus integration in the Aircall dashboard.