The Proven Business Impact of Switching to Aircall

Discover how much lost productivity can be regained for support, sales, operations, and for your business overall by switching to Aircall as your next cloud phone solution.

Making the right call led to $585K in customer gains.

How much is lost productivity costing your team?

Telephony hardware maintenance, redundant and cluttered processes, and unnecessary team admin are just a few of the challenges faced by business managers, operations leaders, and sales and support teams. Combined, this costs companies up to 30% in annual revenue, according to IDC; and amidst mass layoffs and budget cuts, such inefficiencies are simply not sustainable.

So what is the solution? Take a look at our new eBook to find out how Aircall helped customers:

  • Support sales and support leaders by $490.7K in increased agent productivity over three years.*

  • Gain $31.7K in improved operations manager productivity.*

  • Scale their companies by reducing maintenance and calling costs of $219.3K over three years.*

*based on a composite organization that was a part of a recently commissioned Forrester Consulting Total Economic ImpactTM Study

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